—Yavin, about the bandits. 

Yavin is the tetartagonist in The Amulet. He is a warrior who likes going on missions such as protecting villages or tracking down groups of bandits. He is also Kyle's best friend.


Yavin is 34 years old and is a male caucasian. He has black hair, a black beard and brown eyes.

He wears a dark green shirt under a iron chest, a brown belt, brown pants with iron protections at the knees and iron boots.


Yavin is shown to be a brave, loyal, friendly and selfless warrior. He goes on missions to help as many people as he can, such as protecting vulnerable villages or tracking down and taking out groups of bandits, showing that he holds a great sense of justice in him.

He is also shows concerns for people close to him, such as his best friend Kyle, immediately offering him his help after the latter filled him in about the amulet and some bad people looking for it.

Yavin also seems to have a sense of humor and likes joking around, as shown when Wolfy accidentally knocks Kyle on the ground while chasing a rabbit where Yavin says "If it's not the mobs that knock you back it's your own wolf." to which Kyle jokingly responds "Shut up, man." or when he joked about Kyle and Grace being more than "just friends" much to the embarrassment of the two.


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To Be Added...

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