Wolfy is the tritagonist in The Amulet. He is a wolf who was adopted by Kyle when he was wolf cub.


Wolfy is an adult wolf who wear a blue collar around his neck.


Wolfy is portrayed as a loyal and playful wolf. Kyle found him when he was a wolf cub and decided to take him as his own pet.

In various events of the comic, Wolfy displayed a remarkable intelligence, being able to understand human language and even helping Kyle out on his job by bringing the weapon or tool desired. Wolfy also has a great sense of smell, being able to detect a danger nearby and warn his owner about it. This makes a valuable and helpful ally when travelling in unknown areas.

Wolfy is shown to be very protective of Kyle, he will not hesitate to attack anyone who would threaten his owner's life.

Wolfy also seems to have a playful mind and loves chasing animals around, especially rabbits, although Kyle doesn't approve this since it usually tends to distract Wolfy from focusing on an important task.


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