When enemies become allies is the 1st episode of the Minecraft Story Mode Season 2.


After a long adventure, Jesse needs the help of old enemies in building a supreme weapon that can seal the Herobrine once and for all with no chance of returning.



  • Jesse
  • Petra
  • Lukas
  • Axel
  • Olivia
  • Herobrine
  • Emily - Determinant



  • Escape through the portals
  • Haudrian and Melvia
  • Enderdragon Battle
  • Jesse VS Herobrine
  • In search of Alex
  • Frozen Sea
  • The Wither Stalker
  • The Hurricane
  • The City of Golden Valley
  • The Museum of Heroes


  • Did you save Ivor or Donna from the Enderdragon?
  • Did you confess your love for Petra to Lukas? (Male Only) - Did you confess your love for Lukas to Petra? (Female only)
  • Did you tell one of your stories in the portals for Herobrine?


You are a monster. You're never going to be what Steve was.

- Jesse for Herobrine, Chapter 4


  • The choices made in season 1 have an effect on Season 2.

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