Yeah, guys, I finally finished MCSM:TS, but its storyline are not ready yet. So, for the finale of MCSM:TS, I make a storyline of the final chapter of MCSM:TS - The Final Battle...

The Final Battle

The Player's Gang finally got the attention of the two rivalry gangs and make them unite. The Player planned and prepared for the "Final Battle" between the Haters. Tomorrow morning, they go to the Hater's base and finally saw Taryn N. up on the roof of their base, waiting for them to attack. And without a blink of an eye, they immediately attacked the base of the Haters. Mr. Anon, Troll Guy and Taryn N. go underneath the basement. The Player and Josh followed them to face the haters. Josh was shot by an arrow. After that, Bob and Valorad came. The Player get revenge of Josh's loss. He immediately defeated Troll Guy. After that, Mr. Anon said if they didn't stop, he will put the zombies and the undead into Minecraftia. Bob get the button, gave to Valorad and put the button on lava. Mr. Anon attempted to defeat the Player, Taryn N. stopped it and they fought and both of them died in the lava. Josh said that he was happy that they got back the peace. Moments later, Josh passed away. After they go outside the hater's base, the both gangs are happy that the haters was defeated. After that, the Player go again inside to find Josh's Ultimate Bow. After that, he put the Ultimate Bow in the Hero's Treasure Room. And the story ends the legendary story of a simple group that became the greatest legend of Minecraftia...

JPerea020 😉🤓😌 (talk) 02:50, March 25, 2017 (UTC)

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