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  • Johnperea020

    Previously in MCSM: Season 3:
    "I think of someone who can end the battle. I didn't know him, but I know that he can defeat the evil." Lukas said in a flashback.

    "Everything changes, like enemies who can be allies, or allies become enemies. Also, my friends also changed. I can't remove to my mind when Lukas, Petra, Radar, and everybody. As weeks passed by, their friendships begin to fade. I can't do it alone, somebody can help me now." John said in the introduction.

    John walked alone in the Order Hall. He saw a painting of Lukas near Reuben's memorial.
    "Lukas, if you hear me now, I will continue what you've started." John said in front of Lukas' painting. Jesse and Nikki entered the Order Hall.

    "Hey, John. What are you doing here?" Jesse asked J…

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  • Johnperea020

    Recently, I made an idea about lessen the episodes for The Series and MCMS: TSOS, because thay are too many to finish it all. Do you agree or disagree about my idea?

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  • Johnperea020

    "This is the story I've waited to write about." the author said as he write MCSM: The Series.

    "Hello friends, I just want to say "thank you!" for knowing about me, my brother, and also, my past. Without you, maybe I'm not here to tell you about me. If you didn't know about my story, I am happy to tell you about myself. It all started in The White Pumpkin's house, with my younger brother, Jeff. He called me as Jess. Years later, Jeff and I became good friends until one day, Jeffrey seperated us, forever. I cried about the pain inside until two people saw me and they bring me in a hidden town in Cyan Valley and named me as Josh. But, my brother, he became evil because of Jeffrey's dark lies and pushed him to become an evil one. I heard some s…

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  • Johnperea020

    "It has been for years since I met Jesse and his cool gang. Maybe this is the time to find my self in this world full of mysteries. I will write this book and I call it "Adventures of a Lifetime"." John said before the new series starts.

    "One day, a lonely young boy named John is walking on his way to school..." The narrator said.

    "Shut up, narrator." John said.

    "Oh, sorry." The narrartor said.

    "Hello..." A voice said to John.

    "Hmm. Someone is calling me." John said. She saw Lea, a young girl approached John.

    "Oh no, it's Lea again." John said to himself.

    "How it is going?" Lea said.

    "Well, nothing. I must go now to school." John replied.

    "She's always annoying me when I am walking on my way to school, making me always me late." John said. Suddenly…

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  • Johnperea020

    "Haha, this is the LAST time that I see you, FOOLS!" Sam laughed in the introduction.

    "The last part of our story, is finally happening right now. The happy and sad memories are now written in the books of our history. Maybe it is the time to say goodbye to the gang, those are the people that I called as "family". Thank you for the memories we shared together as a family. It's time to make the perfect ending for the adventures we shared together." Lukas said in the introduction.

    Previously on MCSM: Season 3...

    Jesse and the gang went to another adventures they never saw before (showing Jesse walked into the dark dungeon in the first episode). He never give up (showing Jesse is about to hold the Crystal Sword) and he prove to the others that t…

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