aka Ellie (another derp xD)

  • I live in Sweden
  • I was born on August 13
  • My occupation is GAMER 4 LYFE
  • I am Female
  • EllieDaGamerGyrl

    This is made to keep track of users etc. if you think I missed anyone or if I made a mistake, please notify me in the comment section/wiki chat and I'll add the corrections to the list. Once again, the rules:

    • Joining as an anon does NOT count.
    • Any sockpuppets or alts (which are totally still sockpuppets, don't try to argue with me) will NOT be included.
    • If you are not included here, think something should be added or if I mislabel your activity, please DON'T take it personally and NOT be whiny about it when correcting me.
    • If you're sending me a correction for a specific user, make sure to say the full name of the user because I'm bad with acronyms and nicknames.

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