The Unlucky Journey is the second episode in Minecraft Story Mode: The Story of Survival. It is also the second episode in New Beginnings Pass.


After Alex discovered the island, he go inside to gather resources. Then he saw a fire. After he saw Mr.Doge near the campfire, he told what happened in the plane. He said that he also saw the passengers fall into the depths of the ocean. All of his diamonds are burned and it cannot used anymore. Afterwards, they start gathering wood, but it wasn't an easy task, because the island have only one oak tree. It was hard from the start but they managed to get sufficient wood.

After that, they reached three days to create a dirt house. They are tired because they have any sheep to get wool. After a day, they crafted a wool made from strings. Steven/Alex realized that it was hard to be a survivor. One time, he wants to quit, but Mr. Doge calmed him up, so he go back to the crash site to get some remaining diamonds.

So Alex go back to the crash site, but Mr. Doge refused him to go there, but he ignored what he said. Afterwards, he reached the crash site, remembering his brother, Edward said they will ride the plane together to celebrate their riches. He immediately found a chest near the plane, founded a lapiz and many coal and an old wooden pickaxe and there is the sign that says, "Take this, this is all yours" . After get back to their dirt house, Steven/Alex felt unconscious. After hours, he become unconscious again. He told Mr. Doge some forgiveness and showed what he got in the chest. Mr. Doge said that it was okay, it was only a part of life.

After days and months, they helped each other and they saw something hiding in the back of the dirt house, they saw a person named Henry and they helped him and he helped them and after that, they will explore the nearby island and Alex called it the "Island of Unknown".


Wait for it, wait for it...


  • Chapter 1: Plane Crash
  • Chapter 2: Lonely Island
  • Chapter 3: Riches Become Ashes
  • Chapter 4: Not Alone Anymore
  • Chapter 5: Helping Hands



  • In the chapter "Not Alone Anymore", Alex got a lapiz lazuli, referring to Minecraft Story Mode, in "Order of the Stone (Episode), when Jesse and Petra got a lapiz from Ivor.

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