Tony is a minor protagonist in Minecraft Story Mode: The Series.


He is a cool guy, and a warrior and likes to fight monsters. He joined because his friends are there and he wants to be famous. He is always there if his friends need help. But he is always helping his friend Troy rather than the rest of the gang.


Towards Jessie and the Gang

  • He is always there if there is a problem in the gang and ready to help when needed. He welcomed Jessie when no one is there to welcome him in the gang.

Towards Troy

"Tony's last memories..."
—Troy said after Tony's death. src
  • He treats Troy like his brother. After he died, Troy is sad after saving from the storm.


  • Enchanted Golden Sword (Minor Appearance)
  • Potion of Healing (Dropped before death)


  • Kebab Storm
  • Jeff (Indirectly)
    • He tries to calm down Taryn and Josh and he warned the rest of the gang to go to the portal, but it was too late, he was grabbed by the storm and turned into its snack.