After they entered the portal, Lachlan nicknamed it as "Portal of Mystery". The world is same as in the Shadow World. Will, Lukas, and Anne saw an entity who is entirely black. They told it to Jesse. They also saw Entity 303 and Herobrine in the distance, but they ran away when Jesse and the gang saw them. After that, they encountered three mutated creepers.

Lukas wrote about the creepers in his' journal while the rest of the gang defeated the creepers, but it was only a set-up. Entity 303 and Herobrine was escaped before they reched by Jesse and the gang. They saw another portal, but the portal is like the portal Jesse and his gang saw, the Eversource Portal. They entered it, but they are teleported into Entity 303's lair. They are called by Entity 303 "Losers", and other dumb names throwing at them. Until they are teleported once again and they are in a mob grinder. They saw mobs going down and crushed by the grinder. They go out by climbing vines nearby. After that, they teleported again into Entity's lair. Entity 303 said "good, job for being losers". After that, they teleported to the Overworld with two lava waterfalls and one waterfall. Jesse remembered something about the place.

After they teleported into an unknown Overworld, Lukas felt hungry and the rest of both gangs, also. Axel gave them cookies except for Will. Jesse will give his cookie to Will and he tell about his adventures, while F! Jesse and Lukas go behind an oak tree. F! Jesse wants to go back to Oak Valley, but without the time machine, they cannot go out of the world and get back to Oak Valley. They quarrel each other until F! Jesse decided to leave each other, Lukas go away from the gang while F! Jesse go back to the gang, crying.

Josh tell F! Jesse why she cry, F! Jesse didn't say everything about the incident, but she said she's just fine. They saw Entity 303 riding to a zombie sized chicken. Lukas saw him, but he leave his' journal and put a sign. Meanwhile, Entity 303 summoned an army of chicken sized zombies, Olivia remembered the question gave to Jesse and Lukas. After that, they fight Entity 303 to finish the war. And they fighted him with his' army of zombies.

Will decided to fight Entity 303 one-on-one. The rest of the gang, exept Lukas, fighted the zombies, Petra said it was hard to fight those tiny creatures, After that, they defeated the zombies, Petra, Josh, Lachlan, Nikki, and Jesse searched Lukas, while Will said that he will never quit the battle he started and he also said that he will fight until the end.

The rest of the gang find Will fighting with Entity 303, but Will said that leave him fighting with Entity 303, but sadly, Will fell into the cliff and Anne cried and the rest of the gang fight Entity 303, but he leave laughing and said that he will never be defeated. Rocky Guy said that Will, even in a short period of time they meet with him, he shows bravery and determination to defeat Herobrine and Entity 303, he throwed a gold nugget that Will gave to him as a gift. And they leave the place. While Jesse and the rest of the gang saw Lukas' journal, also saw a sign that Lukas wrote, say forgiveness to F! Jesse, and saw him on a tree, sitting.

After they saw Lukas, he told what happened and asked forgiveness for F! Jesse and he get his' journal. After the rest of the gang came, and Lukas asked F! Jesse forgiveness, but she refused, they saw another Eversource Portal and they entered it, but instead of entering the Portal Hallway, they teleported into Oak Valley and they saw the time machine, F! Jesse said goodbyes to the gang, Lukas followed, but F! Jesse refused to his request until he saw some things that a real gentleman can do. They ride the time machine, they didn't know that it was sabotaged by Herobrine. They teleported into the worlds they didn't saw before.

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