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I will make To Lose a Love to Worse than Death useful.

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To Lose a Love to Worse than Death is the fifth episode in Minecraft Story Mode: When Stories Collide. It also the fifth episode in Collision Course Pass.


For the full plot, click here.

After they entered the portal, Lachlan nicknamed it "Portal of Mystery". The world is same as in the Shadow World. Will, Lukas, and Anne saw an entity who is entirely black.



  • Chapter 1: Portal of Mystery
  • Chapter 2: Smokes and Shadows
  • Chapter 3: Broken Hearts
  • Chapter 4: Battle until End
  • Chapter 5: Last Battle
  • Chapter 6: Farewell, Friend
  • Chapter 7: On New Adventures!



  • There are some references from Minecraft Story Mode:
    • Lachlan nicknamed the portal "Portal of Mystery", also the "Chapter 1" title of the episode and also referred to "A Portal to Mystery", the sixth episode of Minecraft Story Mode.
    • Lukas' Journal. ("A Portal to Mystery")
    • The Eversource Portal that Jesse and he gang saw, referred the same portal in "Order Up!".
    • The "Unknown Overworld" referred to the Overworld below Sky City in "Order Up!".
    • Jesse give his cookie to Lukas, also referring to the same action (Determinant) in "The Order of the Stone (Episode)".
    • The chicken-sized zombies and zombie-sized chickens referring to Olivia's question to Jesse and Lukas in "The Order of the Stone (Episode)", seen in "A Journey's End".

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