The Story Begun is the first episode in Minecraft Story Mode: The Series. It is also the first episode in New Beginnings Pass.


The peace got back in Minecraftia. All citzens of Minecraftia are happy  and one of the citzens of Mnecraftia named Steven/Alex, with his brother Edward, is one of the richest residents in Minecraftia.

Being one of the richest persons in Minecraftia, they are also known by Nicolas, the founder of his' town. But one day, another nightmare came to Minecraftia.

Another nightmare came to the land, that once feared before. The heroes come to protect the city, Steven/Alex and Edward turned on their "Anti-Z" machines. But it didn't work. They rushed to their plane to escape the incident.

The people panicked about the incident, they run leaving Minecraftia to save themselves. Steven/Alex and Edward, with Xander, Mr. Doge, and Trish ride to the plane. Meanwhile, Edward leaved the plane, Steven/Alex cried while telling him about why he left the plane, he refused to tell him because Edward secretly took Steven/Alex's belongings when he ride the plane.

Mr. Doge said that they have no time for such things and Steven/Alex ride the plane again. Edward said to Steven/Alex his farewell and the plane leaved Minecraftia.

Edward leaved their house and he met Minecraftia's heroes, he joined with them. One day, they are cornered by zombies. He threwed an TNT near him, they asked him why, only Edward said that tell his younger sibling that he will be alright, and he said to the heroes to run away to find the cure. And sadly, he was exploded with the zombies...

Steven/Alex missed his younger brother. Few minutes later, Xander said that the weather is bad and lightning struck to their plane and it sunk into the depths of the sea. Two days later, Steven/Alex found himself in an deserted island and he nicknamed it "The Island of Loneliness."




  • Chapter 1: Where it All Begun?
  • Chapter 2: Riches and Golds
  • Chapter 3: Zombie Apocalypse
  • Chapter 4: Fear and Panic
  • Chapter 5: The Escape
  • Chapter 6: Brother's Survival
  • Chapter 7: That Incident Happened...


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