Jesse and his gang saw a black smoke near Oak Valley, and they are teleported in the Shadow World. Meanwhile, Josh, and the rest of the gang saw the black smoke after they defeated the zombies, they also teleported in the Shadow World. Jesse and his gang walked when they saw Josh's gang, they joined forces to uncover the unknown of the world. They walked far from where they teleported and they saw an extraordinary mob everyone saw. Jesse tries to get near in the mob and it became hostile. Luckily, Bob shot the mob with a flaming arrow. They walked in the forest nearby and saw many eyes looking at them and they ignored it.

After they get out in the forest, they saw a castle far away and Bob knows that it was Castle of Herobrine. When they heading to Herobrine's Castle, they fall in a trap. Jesse noticed violet eyes looking at them and where he standing is a monster spawner, then they run from the endermen and the unknown character defeated the endermen and destroyed the spawner. The character knows about Herobrine and Entity 303. So they find a plan to go in the castle without getting caught by Entity 303's mobs. While walking, Josh, Bob, Petra and Nikki fell from another unnoticed trap.

After Josh, Bob, Nick, and Nikki fell from the trap, they find a Nether Portal. They entered it, and they saw a Village inside the Nether, they talk to the Villagers included the King Villager. They also find a secret basement in the Scientist Villager's House and saw his greatest inventions, the Villagers give the Ultimate Bow before they are noticed by Entity 303's mobs. They rushed into the portal and they get back in the Shadow world and they continued the journey to find Herobrine.

After Josh, Bob, Petra, and Nikki got back in the Shadow World, Jesse and rest of the gang waited in the hole until they got up. A zombie horde attacked the gang and Josh noticed that the zombie's eyes are red. After they slay all the zombies, they found an abandoned village which only in ruins. They are ambushed by Entity 303's mobs and they are caught. They show it to the Skeleton King. They find a way to escape and rushed to get away to the Skeleton King's Castle. They back to the ruined village and make their temporary shelter.

After they fled temporarily in Skeleton King's Castle. They come back with some weapons and armors. They sneaked all the way until they reach the castle and fight the Skeletons, after they defeat the Skeleton King, they saw a chest full of diamond armors and stuff. They continued to go in Herobrine's Castle until thay have noticed a large tree in the middle of the castle. Jesse pulled it and they fall into a trap that leads to Herobrine's Castle, but they luckily enough not to get into Herobrine and they are saw by a vex. They've caught the gang and they showed to Herobrine. They escaped while they are distracted by an ocelot. The gang followed it and they cornered by Entity 303. They are escaped in Entity 303's Castle and they found a dark smoke and they were followed by Herobrine and Entity 303's mobs. Jesse and his gang was happy because they are back in their world, and they introduced the place to Josh and rest of his gang. They prepared themselves for a fight aganist Herobrine and Entity 303's mobs.

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