The Searching of the Past is the seventh episode in Minecraft Story Mode: The Series. It was the final episode that includes in the Legionnaire Pass.


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Our heroes find the cure in the undead, they are now searching "The Killer". They find him in his castle very far from the town. They decided to go to the castle with Nicolas...


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  • Do you wear a disguise to enter or slay The Killer's minions?
    • 50% Weared a Disguise.
    • 50% Slayed the Killer's Minions.
  • Did you slay the Red Dragon or the Red Wither?
  • Did you refuse to explode the old house or not?
    • 100% Refused to explode the old house.


  • Chapter 1: The Castle of Doom!
  • Chapter 2: Greatest Nightmare
  • Chapter 3: Deep in the Shadows
  • Chapter 4: We Meet Again!
  • Chapter 5: The Showdown Royale!
  • Chapter 6: The Darkness Fades
  • Chapter 7: Heroes' Welcome
  • Chapter 8: The Time Machine
  • Chapter 9: Time Lapse!
  • Chapter 10: We are in the Past?!


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