The Long Search was the second episode of Minecraft Story Mode: The Series. It is also the second episode that includes in Legionaire Pass.


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After our heroes ran away from the Kebab Storm, the two villagers go to their portals and in an unexpected situation, our heroes were split into two groups...


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Nether Choices

  • Did you accept the gift of Azure Zecron?
    • 100% Accept the gift.
  • Did you slay the Diamond Golem?
    • 100% Slayed the Golem.
  • Did you find the Mage?
    • 66.67% Find the Mage
    • 33.33% Didn't find the Mage.

The  End Choices

  • Did you take the potion of invinsibility?
    • 100% Took the potion.
  • Did you slay the Shulker or not?
    • 66.67% Slayed the Shulker.
    • 33.33% Didn't slay the Shuker.
  • Did you find the Lab Boy?
    • 66.67% Find the Lab Boy.
    • 33.33% Didn't find the Lab boy.


  • Chapter 1: Portalified!
  • Chapter 2: Adventuring the Worlds
  • Chapter 3: The Rescue Plan
  • Chapter 4: Boss Battle
  • Chapter 5: The Gratest Inventions
  • Chapter 6: The Great Escape
  • Chapter 7: Another World?!


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