The Killer is a major antagonist in Minecraft Story Mode: The Series.


"He want all treasures and he desires to rule the world"
Valorad to the Player 

He was mentioned by Valorad before the ending of Episode One, he was a person who wants to rule the universe by himself, so he created the "Kebab Storm" to rule the universe, kill all people that hates him, and all the treasures he desire.


"My Experiment Number 1: The Perfect Killing Monster"
—The Killer src
"You are not a loser, are you?"
—The Killer to the Player src
"You show the skill of a real loser?!"
—The Killer src
"Come to me, I'll never hurt you."
—The Killer to the Player (Determinant) src
"Can do you defeat me by that?!"
—The Killer src
"Now, you will see the real pain?!"
—The Killer to Valorad src

Killed Victims




The Killer in the moments of the awakening of the Kebab Storm.


The Killer's Lair


The Killer in Episode 7

Real Self

The Killer without his mask.



  • He maybe a reference to "Jeff the Killer".
  • He summoned the Undead Wither in the Nether.

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