The Kebab Storm's Demise was the fourth episode of Minecraft Story Mode: The Series. And it was the fourth episode that includes in Legionnaire Pass.


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After our heroes talk to the Crafting Specialists, they are now ready to fight the most destructive creature in the land, the Kebab Storm...


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  • Do you leave Tony or the King Villager?
    • 100% Leave the King Villager.
  • Do you enchanted the GDiamond Sword?
    • 100% Enchanted the GDiamond Sword.
  • Who did you join to defeat the Kebab Storm?
    • 50% Joined Bob.
    • 50% Joined Valorad.


  • Chapter 1: The Unfriendly Welcoming
  • Chapter 2: The Storm's Wrath
  • Chapter 3: Mysteries Unfold
  • Chapter 4: Failure is a Success
  • Chapter 5: The Comeback
  • Chapter 6: The Storm Vanished
  • Chapter 7: This is Not the End Yet


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