The Epic Journey is the fourth episode in Minecraft Story Mode: The Story of Survival. It is also the fourth episode in New Beginnings Pass.


The gang saw themselves in a place with trees, a morning sky and a large treehouse. They are just near Jesse's treeehouse. They are split up in the place to find their way out. Steven/Alex saw Jesse holding a wooden sword and training with an armor stand that serves as a dummy, with Reuben, Jesse's friend pig. He deeply observed the treehouse and saw Olivia telling jokes about Jesse about chickens and zombies. They heard whistling noises below the treehouse, it was Axel, a big guy that is a friend of Jesse and laughing about his joke. He tell Jesse and Olivia about the Endercon build competition. They prepared for it. After they leave, Steven/Alex found a coal from one of the chests in Jesse's treehouse. After that, they immediately went to a nearby cave.

Mr. Doge went in to the nearby cave, he gave a stick to Steven/Alex




  • Chapter 1: Guy with a Pig
  • Chapter 2: Building Competition
  • Chapter 3: The Storm Awaken
  • Chapter 4: Fire and Lava
  • Chapter 5: Exit Portal
  • Chapter 6: Back to Square One
  • Chapter 7: Live for Survival



  • This is only the episode in the series in which included "The Order of the Stone (Episode)" being the part of the episode.

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