After they go back in Minecraftia, they saw a Wither Storm that was larger than before, Jesse, Petra, Nikki, and Josh requested to go back to Oak Valley. The rest of the gang fight the Wither Storm but they failed. They know that Entity 303 created the Storm.

Meanwhile, Jesse, Petra, Nikki, and Josh got back in Oak Valley, also saw that storm and Herobrine himself. They puzzled why Entity 303 can summon a Wither Storm in different dimensions. Also, Valorad and Taryn N. followed Nicolas to his' town. Also, they also saw a Wither Storm. Lachlan nicknamed the series of disasters the "Strikes of Darkness".

While Jesse and the gang find Lukas and F! Jesse, protecting the Treasure Room, Lukas left to protect Village Country that is invaded by zombies, but F! Jesse said that they will never go away from each other, so F! Jesse followed Lukas. Josh will go back to Steam City to see what's going on there.

Josh got back in Steam City, saw Ivan summoning iron golems to protect Steam City, after that, they go to the Crafting Specialists to tell Mark and Bill about the incident. they planned to build a powered rail ramp that will allow Josh to enter, and Mark gave him the "Ultimate Bow". they go to the storm and the plan was succeed. Josh defeat the storm but it explodes a hundred zombies. They won for such a matter of time. Josh and Anne go back in Oak Valley.

They got back in Oak Valley, tell Jesse and Petra the storm's weakness. He planned to help Anne to defeat Herobrine while he will defeat the storm. But Entity 303 spawned a large Nether Portal to summon a large group of pigmen.

The plan started, defeat the storm and the pigmen and Herobrine fled. Josh helped Lukas and F! Jesse in Village Country, Josh invited them to join their adventures in Minecraftia. They go back to Minecraftia to face Entity 303 to end the war. But they are too late. The rest of the gang struggled to the enemies. They helped Lachlan and Rocky Guy and they go to Nicolas' town. They go to the town and helped Valorad and Taryn N.

After they defeat Entity's monsters. The Creeper Gang threw TNT's to Entity 303, but they failed. Josh thanked the Creeper Gang. They go to Herobrine's Mansion, they saw Will, surrounded by zombies. They also saw Entity 303 with Herobrine, they summoned an Ender Dragon. Nikki turned herself into a dragon and defeated the Ender Dragon. Entity 303 fled and Herobrine left to fight Josh in a duel, he said that they go away and save Will. After some time, Josh defeated Herobrine. But Herobrine summoned a Kebab Storm

Josh remembered the first time he encountered the monster, reminding his weakness. Jesse and Petra helped Josh to defeat the Storm, and they defeated it. Will get out of the zombies and rescued. Herobrine has only one thing to get rid of the gang. Taryn N. saw Herobrine pulled the lever, he warned the gang and go out of Herobrine's Mansion and the mansion was blown up.

After they escaped the mansion, they go to the Skeleton King's Castle to tell the survivors and get out of Shadow World. But they are traveled to the middle of the desert and they saw Entity 303, he said that he can control the time machine in contact, he just lying just to distract the gang to get the machine. But his plans failed because Lukas and F! Jesse was looking back at Entity 303 and he fled.After the incident, they go back to Minecraftia. They celebrated because they defeat the strikes of darkness. But Josh said that the war isn't over. The gang tell why, and they saw a Nether Portal going to Shadow World. After they entered the portal, the gang shocked because they are now in another Shadow World rather than the Nether. they walked to find what is the mysteries of the portal. 

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