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I will make The Entity Strikes useful.

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The Entity Strikes is the fourth episode in Minecraft Story Mode: When Stories Collide. It also the fourth episode in Collision Course Pass.


For the full plot, click here.

After they go back in Minecraftia, they saw a Wither Storm that was larger than before, Jesse, Petra, Nikki, and Josh go to Oak Valley.



  • Chapter 1: The World in Disaster
  • Chapter 2: The Strikes of Darkness
  • Chapter 3: Darkness Takes All
  • Chapter 4: Adventurer's Union
  • Chapter 5: Shadows' Attack
  • Chapter 6: Town Under Attack
  • Chapter 7: Entity Under Control
  • Chapter 8: The Last Stand
  • Chapter 9: Fall of Darkness
  • Chapter 10: The Battle Ends


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