The Dueling Rivalries is the ninth episode in Minecraft Story Mode: The Series. And it was the second episode that includes in Time Lapse Pass.


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Our heroes both go in Redstonia and Boom Town. Then they didn't expect that a fight will begun at each other...


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Redstonist  Engineer  Choices

  • Did you create the Redstone Tank or create the Flying Arrow Machine?
  • Did you invent a robot or use Old Man's Cannon?

Boom Town Griefer Choices

  • Did you help the griefers or leave them alone?
  • Did you use the Flaming Arrow or use the Time Bomb?


  • Chapter 1: So-Called War
  • Chapter 2: Bombs and Dusts
  • Chapter 3: Let the Duel Begins
  • Chapter 4: Here Comes the Boom!
  • Chapter 5: There is Peace
  • Chapter 6: A Warrior's Call