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Chapter 1: The World's Doom

Jesse and his friends were thinking about the Games that Hadrian and Mevia hosted, when suddenly, both Ivor and Harper came! Ivor is done from his adventure, returning the Atlas and the Enchanted Flint and Steel, while Harper talked about a mysterious figure in Crown Mesa, until she notices the same figure in the Overworld. Jesse was shocked, and he remembers that the other worlds are also in danger. He retuns to the Portal Network to go to Sky City.

Once he's there, Reginald says that he hasn't seen any dark monster. But as he turned, the Dark Monster is there, and he rushes to tell the Founder. In here, you can either tell Harper to help Isa or stay with them. Then, the group returns to the Portal Network to head for The Mansion. When he gets there, the YouTubers say that they are being attacked by a monster. They then go to Cassie Rose to help her. You can either throw her cobblestone, which makes her thank you, coarse dirt which makes you think that he hates her, but still thanks, or not throw anything at all, which makes her mad. She then nerd poles with the block, and then makes a bridge to the platform. Then if Harper is still with Jesse, you can tell her to stay and help the YouTubers.

Chapter 2: Forced Overtime

If Harper is still with you, you can either go straight to The Games or go to Crown Mesa first.

If you go to Crown Mesa, the townspeople will get mad at Harper for returning.

Chapter 3: Mining for Life

Chapter 4: An Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

Chapter 5: A Choice for their Lives

Chapter 6: A Collector's Dream