(A usual text screen shows, with "Group Chat" at the top. Lukas, Petra, Olivia, Axel, Ivor, and Aiden are shown in the chat, meaning this is Jesse's phone.)

Jesse: Hey, guys.

Lukas: Hey, Jesse. 💖

Petra: What's up?

Jesse: Just coming back. Going to catch a bus back.

Petra: Okay. Hey, look out for a certain bus.

Aiden: I remember hearing about that! Smaller than a normal one? Broken window?

Petra: Yeah.

Jesse: My bus is coming. I'm a little creeped out, but that's probably because of what you guys said.

Petra: Look out, Jesse.

Jesse: On the bus now. The driver's watching me through the rearview mirror. Really creeped out now.

Lukas: Is he looking at you any certain way?

Jesse: No, he's just staring.

Aiden: Is there any fire exit or escape that you can see?

Jesse: You don't think I tried that already?

Aiden: Just asking...

Axel: Where's the jerk going?

Jesse: OH MY GOSH! It's like the Batcave. These huge doors opened up and now I think we're underground.

Olivia: What?!


Ivor: Yes, please do!

Jesse: I can't. There's no escape.

Lukas: I'm coming down there.

Jesse: WHAT?!

Lukas: I need to know what's going on.

Jesse: You could die!

Lukas: It doesn't matter, so long as you're okay.

Jesse: OMG the driver's going ballistic. He's demanding me to give him my phone.

Ivor: Don't give it to him!

Jesse: I'm not. I'm hiding it so he can't see. Freaking out right now.

Ivor: Anything new? Where are you?

Jesse: In some kind of room. OH MY GOSH!!!

Aiden: What?!

Jesse: You know that girl who went missing a few days ago? Candice Vanderburg?

Lukas: Yeah.

Jesse: She's in the bus next to me. There are like a million buses here, all of them with only one passenger. The ones in the back all look asleep. Oh my gosh, I think they're dead.

Aiden: ...

Jesse: Bus filling up with smoke!

Olivia: Get down under a seat or something. I'm calling the cops.

Axel: Good idea.

Jesse: Phone about to die...

(The episode ends with it going black, a girl's breathing, and then it suddenly stops.)

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