The Amulet is an ongoing 3D Minecraft comic made by Fighter33000 on DeviantArt. The story focuses a blacksmith named Kyle, his wolf Wolfy, a mercenary named Grace and a warrior named Yavin on a quest to destroy an amulet which contains an evil form that can put the world in danger. They have to be careful because some people serving that evil form are looking for the amulet.


About twenty years ago, there were two adventurers called Ghorton and Darko who discovered a powerful artifact: a magical book capable of giving its owner incredible powers. After testing it, the two friends figured that the book could be incredibly dangerous when being in the wrong hands, so they decided to hide it to prevent anyone to get it.

However, the power and the abilities of the book got into Darko's head which caused the latter to become power hungry and ambitious. Darko used the book to turn himself into a demon and a more powerful person. He set off to conquer the world, wipping out any village he came across and bringing chaos wherever he goes. To put an end to his former friend's madness, Ghorton engaged a fight with Darko and managed to defeat him. Knowing that his friend was too dangerous to be free, Ghorton used the book to seal Darko away in an amulet to keep the world safe from his malice.

Unfortunately before his fight with Ghorton, Darko had gathered some followers to help him conquer the world and Ghorton knew that they would be looking for him to get the amulet and the magical book back from him and use them to free Darko. Because of the book's magic, the amulet couldn't be destroyed so he decided to give the amulet to a blacksmith named Jack who agreed to keep it safe as a secret, while Ghorton decided to hide the book himself. After that, Ghorton disappeared, never to be seen or heard again.

Back to present, prior to this moment, Jack died of an unknown illness and gave the amulet to his son Kyle. The latter lives in a small village as a blacksmith with his wolf, Wolfy. One day after meeting a mercenary girl named Grace who broke into his house looking for the amulet and getting ambushed in the woods by Darko's militia, Kyle along with Wolfy, Grace and his best friend Yavin set out to find an altar that destroy any kind of item forever, including the amulet.


Main Characters

Minor Characters

  • Jack
  • Charlie
  • Rico
  • Fingus
  • Michael


  • Phil
  • Gary
  • Trevor


  • The comic was made with a software called Mine-Imator and edited with Paint.NET.
  • In the comic, the words "slimeblock", "slimeball" are used to replace some usual swears into more family-friendly words. They are also used in Minecraft: Story Mode.

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