(Jesse, Lukas, Petra, Axel, Olivia, and Jay are walking out of what appears to be a school building.)

Axel: It's finally spring break! Yeah!

Lukas: Yeah, I'm pretty excited myself.

Jesse: Who wouldn't be, after listening to Mr. Peach drone about geometry and crap.

Jay: (He starts mimicking a droning monotone.) As you see, a right angle is a... (He goes on, encouraged by Petra's snickers.)

Lukas: Hey, Axel, race you! (He darts off.)

Axel: Hey, no fair! (He rushes after Lukas, followed by everyone else.)

(Something appears to happen before they turn up - in what looks like a nuclear wasteland. Buildings look absolutely dilapidated, no one is to be seen anywhere, and the entire place looks destroyed. It doesn't help that a faint murmuring can be heard in the background. Even Axel looks visibly creeped out.)

Jesse: Where are we?

Jay: Nowhere good, judging by everything.

Lukas: Looks like someone trashed Beacontown or something.

Petra: "Or something"?!

Olivia: (She looks around.) Maybe we can get out the same way we came.

Jesse: What do you mean?

Olivia: Well, we got here by going absurdly fast (she glances at Lukas and Axel), right? So maybe if we tried the same thing backwards...

Jesse: It would take us back home!

Voice: Ah-ah-ah, don't get excited yet.

Lukas: (He brandishes his sword.) What was that?

Voice: Me. (The voice is attached to a girl with bright red hair about their age, dressed completely in red.)

Jesse: And just who are you?

Roxy: Roxy. And you're not leaving without a fight.

Jesse: (She and everyone else, somehow including Jay, transform.) Okay, then.

(Roxy opens by approaching Jesse and beating the absolute crap out of her. Jesse tries to defend herself,,but Roxy betters her, and she falls. No indicators that she is even still alive are present, which appears to make Lukas very, very angry... His eyes turn to fire as he starts throwing punches and swinging his sword left and right, all while yelling. Eventually, Roxy escapes him, and she flies off to see another day.)

Jay: Dude! That was awesome!

Lukas: But what happened?

Jay: You went full-on Hulk, that's what happened!

Jesse: (She manages to pull herself to her feet.) (pained) Yeah. It was pretty cool. (She smiles weakly.)

Lukas: Jesse, you're alive!

Jesse: Yeah. By some miracle, I am definitely alive.

Lukas: Well, who votes for getting out of here?

Jay: Yeah, this place gives me goosebumps.

Olivia: Then let's go. (She and everyone else start running in the opposite direction, thus sending them home safely.)