(The New Order is eating breakfast. Jesse is looking warily at Axel, who is eating bacon.)

Jesse: So, guys, my old friend is coming today.

Lukas: Cool. How long have you two known each other?

Jesse: Mmm... I'd say about nine, ten years?

Lukas: Cool. What's his name?

Jesse: Jay.

Petra: Hey, Jesse Jay. (She starts laughing, while everyone else is confused.) Y'know, like Jesse James? The outlaw?

Jesse: Anyway... He should be coming later, so just try to be nice to him, okay?

Lukas: Any friend of yours is a friend of mine. (He smiles at Jesse.)

Jesse: (She smiles back.) Thanks, Lukas. (There is a knock on the door, and she runs to answer it.) Hel- (Her eyes light up.) Jay, you're here! (The two of them hug.)

Jay: Yep, it's me! Hey, where are Axel, Olivia, and Petra?

Jesse: They're inside. Come on in! (She leads Jay inside to reunite with their other friends.)

Petra: Hey, Jay! How've you been? (thinking) Holy crap, he's cute!

Jay: I've been great, what about you?

Petra: I've been doing awesome! (thinking) I'm in love!

Axel: (He and Olivia walk in.) I thought I heard- (He sees Jay.) Hey, buddy!

Jay: Hey, Axel! Hey, Olivia!

Olivia: Hi, Jay! What've you been up to?

Jay: The usual, mining and stuff.

Lukas: (He walks in.) Hey, Jesse, where's the- (He locks eyes with Jay.) Do I know you from somewhere?

Jay: (kind of awkwardly) Yeah. I used to be friends with Jesse.

Lukas: Okay.

Jesse: Jay, Lukas. Lukas, Jay.

Lukas: I think I'll go read for a bit. (He walks away.)

Jesse: He's probably just tired. (She smiles nervously.)

Jay: It's cool, Jesse. (He smiles.)

Jesse: Okay. (Petra descends the stairs wearing lipstick and eye shadow, causing Jesse to look confused.) Okay, who are you and what have you done with Petra?

Petra: Whaaaat? What are you talking about?

Jesse: You're wearing makeup.

Petra: Nooo! I wear makeup all the time! You... Just don't notice it... (Jesse makes a suspicious face.) Okay, okay! Follow me, Jesse.

Jesse: (She and Petra go into Petra's room.) What's up?

Petra: Well... I have a secret.

Jesse: What is it?

Petra: I kind of like Jay.

Jesse: "Kind of"?

Petra: Okay! I really like him.

Jesse: Wow. Didn't see that coming. Well, I'll keep your secret.

Petra: Thanks, Jesse.

Jesse: No problem. (She and Petra return to the others, who are chattering animatedly. After a few minutes, Jesse goes off to talk to Lukas.) (hushed) Lukas? Are you here?

Lukas: (hushed) Yeah. What's going on?

Jesse: Well, I have an idea. You know how Petra likes Jay? What if we set them up?

Lukas: That could work. Tonight?

Jesse: Sure. (She returns to Axel, Olivia, Jay, and Petra.)

Jay: Where've you been, Jesse?

Jesse: Nowhere.

Jay: O... Kay...

Jesse: Oh! Petra! Remember? We have that... Thing.

Petra: What thi- (Jesse grabs her hand and pulls her up the stairs.) Gwaaah!

Jesse: So... Guess what?

Petra: What?

Jesse: You have a surprise blind date tonight! (She grins like an idiot.)

Petra: (She stares open-mouthed at Jesse before rushing to her room. The sound of clothes being thrown around is heard for a while before Petra returns wearing a blue knee-length dress.) Well?

Jesse: You look awesome! Come on! (She drags Petra to the door.) Go to that place a few blocks away. Y'know, that chicken place?

Petra: O... Kay. (She begins walking for a while before reaching said chicken place - and seeing Jay!) Hi, Jay.

Jay: Hey, Petra.

Petra: So. How's life?

Jay: Fine. You?

Petra: Fine. Wanna go inside?

Jay: Sure. I'm getting hungry. (He grins, and Petra grins back. The episode ends with them laughing and talking.)