Roxy is a main villain of PowerCraft.


Roxy wears a red tank top, black miniskirt, fishnet tights, and knee-high black gogo boots. Her hair is bright red and somewhat Rapunzel-esque (longer than her body), and her eyes are bright red.


Roxy is bitter, utterly ruthless, and doesn't seem to have any real purpose for fighting the New Order; she simply wants to break them just because she can. She is not afraid to kill anyone who gets in the way of her plans.


  • Size Change: Roxy has been shown to be able to change the size of her body (or just her limbs).
    • In the episode Speed Demons, Roxy grew to the size of a building.


  • Roxy is based on Him from the Powerpuff Girls.
  • She speaks with a feminine voice, but a male voice is heard reverberating when she speaks, another similarity to Him.
  • Roxy might be some kind of supernatural being.

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