Redstonia is the redstone engineer country of Minecraftia. It is one of the 5 main communities of MC:SM Rewritten. It is also one of the location in Minecraft Story Mode: The Series.

Major Inhabitants

  • Disco Mickey
  • Farmer Gloria
  • The CORE
  • Ellegaard (formerly)

Minor Inhabitants

  • Mabel
  • Sandy
  • Richard (Schoolboy)
  • Wilfred (Old Man)

Notable Visitors

In Rewritten Series

In MCSM: The Series


In Wither Storm Saga

During the Wither Storm saga, Redstonia was merely a captial city to honor the cleverness of all the engineers of the world. Once the Storm was defeated, they grew to become a huge country. Redstonia is the only country to grow from a city. Nikki and Olivia came here to recruit Ellegaard against the Wither Storm. The CORE run this community, but Disco Mickey and Mabel lead the CORE later.


  • TBA


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