PowerCraft is a series by Luna-Chan.


Jesse: Jesse is the leader of the New Order of the Stone. She loves exploring and seems to have a crush on Lukas.

Lukas: Lukas is the builder. He likes animals (except for ocelots) and is usually the peacemaker among the New Order.

Petra: Petra is the fighter, always ready for a challenge or fight. She and Axel tend to hang out together.

Olivia: Olivia is the redstonist, spending hours on end creating redstone machines.

Axel: Axel is the griefer. He loves explosives and anything to do with fire and explosions.

Ivor: Ivor is the potionologist. He loves lapis and is never seen without his lapis belt.


  • Lukesse
  • Jetra/Jaytra (interchangeable)
  • Harvor


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Title Episode Synopsis
01 Dangerous Discovery The New Order discover a temple - with some strange treasure.
02 Hero Time The New Order find they have abnormal abilities.
03 Love is in Bloom Lukas finally decides to confess a secret he's kept forever.
04 The Bus Jesse boards a bus - with a dark secret.
05 First Fight The New Order experience the Power Stones' abilities for the first time.
06 Smitten Kitten When Jesse's old friend Jay comes, Petra is smitten.
07 Friends Forever When Nell visits, Petra worries she is flirting with Jay.
08 Gone Girl After hearing a conversation between Petra and Lukas, Ivor is worried that Lukas is trying to kill Jesse.
09 When You Wish After Jesse wishes on a star, her life is changed drastically.
10 Blaze Rod Beauty Aiden captures Jesse and holds her captive in his fortress.
11 Bats! Gill discovers a bat in the house.
12 Speed Demons The New Order accidentally travel decades into the future - and it's not pretty.
13 A Beacontown Wedding: Part 1 Hooray, it's Harper and Ivor's wedding! But Jesse suspects something more than wedding jitters with Harper...
14 A Beacontown Wedding: Part 2 Jesse and Harper must race against the clock - before Ivor weds a fake.
15 Ender Epidemic: Part 1 After Jesse gets bitten by an Enderman, she begins to change.
16 Ender Epidemic: Part 2 After Jesse is possessed by the Ender Dragon, her friends must find a cure.
17 Ender Epidemic: Part 3 After she is separated from the soul of the Ender Dragon, Jesse is left almost completely incapacitated.

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Title Episode Synopsis
01 First Episode Spoiler When Aiden is caught in Jesse's bedroom, they find something.
02 Introductions and Meetings Aiden decides to introduce his sister to his brother. Also, two new characters are introduced.
03 Sleepless in Beacontown Jesse is haunted by nightmares of her adventures, which keep her up at night.
04 All Washed Up: Part 1 Jesse washes up on an island having lost all her memory of her past life, leaving her with only her name and forgotten purpose.
05 All Washed Up: Part 2 Jesse finally regains her memory, and she makes a deal in order to return home.


  • Luna intends to keep future details a secret to keep readers in suspense. :3
  • There will be real songs by real artists in some episodes. In this case, I'll give a link to the music video/a lyrics video.
  • Some episodes (e.g. Speed Demons) are darker/scarier than the rest of the series.


SM Jesse

Catherine Taber/Jesse

TLPYL Lukas Scared

Scott Porter/Lukas


Ashley Johnson/Petra

Olivia Icon

Martha Plimpton/Olivia


Brian Posehn/Axel

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 1.41.13 PM

Paul Reubens/Ivor

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