Pewdiepie Or Felix is a character that appeared in Minecraft: Story Mode: The Final Showdown. He is voiced by Felix Kellberg



Felix Wars A Black And Gray Striped Shirt, He Is Blond And Wears Blue Pants, And Black Shoes, He Also Wears A Headset.


Felix appears to be a very intelligent and caring character who is easily worried. He is often not very confident, but still tries to make the best out of the situations, regardless of how dire they are. He is also constantly worried about what others think about him and his friends. He often seems to be very negative about a situation even thinking about giving up in the process.


Celebration Is Not Needed -Felix About Mark/Jacks Death

Who Is This? Voldemort? -Felix About Tomp

NEEEEEJ!!! I Mean.... NOOOOO!! - Felix Accidently Talking Swedish


  • Pewdiepie Is A Member Of The YouTube Community And Got Over 44,000,000 Subs.