Out of this World is the third episode of Minecraft Story Mode: The Series. And it was the third episode that includes in Legionnaire Pass.


After our heroes get back together, they go to another world to seek help. The Crafting Specialists, which is the best crafters from other dimensions, helped our heroes...


For you to vote, visit this page.

  • Did you trust the King Villager or not?
    • 50% Trust the King Villager.
  • Do you ask help to Bob?
    • 100% Asked help to Bob.
  • Do you agree to the Crafting Specialists?
    • 100% Agree to the Crafting Specialists.


  • Chapter 1: World of Nowhere
  • Chapter 2: Traveler's Note
  • Chapter 3: Secrets Unfold
  • Chapter 4: Crafting Table
  • Chapter 5: Facing the Storm


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