Olivia is the redstonist of the New Order of the Stone.



In her Everyday form, Olivia wears a
Olivia Icon

Olivia's Everyday form

green beanie, goggles, a red shirt with white sleeves, black pants, and brown shoes. She has dark eyes, dark skin, and black hair.


In her Powered form, Olivia wears armor
Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 8.44.44 AM

Olivia's Powered form

similar to Ellegaard's, along with goggles that are somewhat similar to Lukas'.


Olivia is an intelligent girl, but is mostly negative. She tends to be a pessimist, but she is usually cheered up via pep talk.


  • Redstone Archer: Olivia builds a redstone cannon to destroy mobs.
  • Flying Barge: Olivia creates a flying machine.



  • Olivia is the only dark-skinned member of the New Order.

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