"ExCUSE me, but I have NOT come this far to give up now!"

--Nikki to Lukas in Episode 3 The Last Place You Look (Rewritten Edition)

Nikki is one of the main protagonists of the MC:SM Rewritten series. She is Jesse's younger sister.


Nikki is a short 14-year-old (later 15-year-old, 20-year-old, and eventually 37-year-old) girl with long chestnut brown hair in a ponytail, similar to Jesse's, and has tanned white skin. Her eyes are emerald green like his as well. She usually wears a gray hoodie and faded jeggings with a gray shirt with white letters that read "Tiny but Mighty."

In one of the final chapters of Episode 4, "Getting an Upgrade," she chooses the "Star Shield" in Ivor's armory.

Her Season 2 redesign consists of a navy blue t-shirt with her gray hoodie tied around her waist, bleach-faded jeans, and black converse with white tips. She still retains her ponytail, but it's shorter and messier.

In "Jailhouse Block," she is transferred to a prison outfit that has the familiar orange jumpsuit with shoulder-cuts and a v-neck exposing her black and white striped t-shirt underneath.

By "Below the Bedrock," she wears the "Goofball Glory" with a black sports tank, gray sport shorts, her orange prison jumpsuit pants, and her ponytail becomes a braid.

After Jesse and Petra leave Beacon Town, she dyes the tips of her bangs cyan blue, and bleaches her hoodie to a pale pink, tying her hair back with a bright blue ribbon.

Theninjakid14 by milieus-dbj6kqz

Nikki with Zephyr. (art by milieus)

Her amulet Ender Dragon form consists of that of a normal Ender Dragon, except the form is completely golden, and she has a command block tattoo on her forehead. The veins that spread through her wings are red.

In a dA "Dancing all Night" variant, Nikki wears a silver shirt with cut-off shoulders, baggy gray dance shorts, long silver gloves, gray shoes, and a black leather vest. She also has space-gray Beats(r) headphones, and wears the command block amulet.

In yet another dA variant, exclusive to the comic "He's Probably Not Gonna Survive," she wears a plain yellow bikini bottom and top with golden gladiator sandals with her gray hoodie. She still wears the command block amulet.

In MLP dA variants, she usually wears her S1 clothes, but in one variant, she is a pegasus with peach fur, with a flash of brown-orange mane. Her cutie mark is a command block being circled by the form of the golden Ender Dragon.


It is radki by themaroonlightning-dbm2m8t

Nikki receiving a flower from Radar after she returns from the Sea Temple with Jesse and their new friends. (art by TheMaroonLightning)

Nikki has an adventurous, sometimes lovable personality. By day, she's a fun-loving bundle of energy who can't be stopped, but by night, she's more calmer, and quieter, due to lack of energy or just being cute in general. Nikki especially hates the fact that people judge her over her height, and she doesn't like to let it go unnoticed. Nonetheless, Nikki has a forgiving heart, and could spare even the cruelest of villains. As an Ender Dragon, she can be very fierce, and swift. At first, transforming into one was an involuntary action, but by Episode 8, she understood how to control it at last, and used it to defeat Hadrian. Nikki also isn't a romantic. She doesn't appear to fall in love or chase after guys often. As Nikki gets older, she becomes more mature, and laid-back, becoming a dependable figure to turn to for leadership when trouble arises.

Sorry not sorry radki by foreverfairy-dbkfzel

Nikki resting on Radar in the MC:SM Rewritten S2, Book 3 sneak peek. (art by ForeverFairy)


Towards Jesse

"Hey! He may be a blockhead, but he's MY blockhead! You deal with him, you deal with me!"

--Nikki defending Jesse against Hadrian, Book 8

Meow by artistkamie-db3e2bm

The super sibs in animal form. Jesse as a cat, Nikki as a mouse (art by ArtistKamie)

The kiss by michioreo123-daj0407

Nikki cheering her brother on in Book 8. (art by Michioreo123)

Nikki loves her older brother to no end, but can be easily annoyed when he acts oblivious, or stupid. Most of the time, she tries to encourage him when it comes to confessing his feelings for Petra. She trusts Jesse the most out of everyone she knows, so uncovering any lies he made could be impacting.

The vex bride by michioreo123-dal5zz8

Jesse and Nikki on the cover of "The Vex Bride" (art by Michioreo123)

Towards Petra

"Best sister-in-law EVER!"

--Nikki at the wedding, The Origin of Nikki

Nikki and Petra are actually quite similar, which would make them good sisters. Unfortunately, only something like that could happen if Jesse admits his feelings for her. Like she does with Jesse, Nikki usually tries to encourage Petra to voice her own affection, but not as often as she does with Jesse, as Petra is a little harder to break through to.

Towards Olivia and Axel

Despite being older than her, Nikki finds her brother's friends quite interesting. Considering the fact that the feel the same way towards her, all of them are the best of friends. (And of course, she believes that they should be together)

Towards Reuben

Reuben is not only Jesse's, but Nikki's beloved pet as well. She loves him just as much as her brother does, and finds him as a best friend.

Gift for ninja by yappyjack-dbg32q5

Nikki with her enchanted iron sword and the silhouette of the command block dragon behind her. (art by Yappyjack)

Towards Lukas

Radki request by awesomeyay99-dblyf31

Nikki appearing in Radar's dream. (art by AwesomeYay99)

"He's no jerk!"

--Nikki reprimanding Jesse about Lukas, The Order of the Stone: (Rewritten Edition)

Unlike her friends and her brother, Nikki didn't rule Lukas off as an enemy right off the bat. She got to know him a little better before judging him for what she saw and what she heard from the others. This shows that Nikki is very understandable towards Lukas, and treats him the way she wishes she were treated herself.

Welcome to the family nikkie by michioreo123-dalh9cc

Baby Nikki and Young Jesse. (art by Michioreo123)

Towards The Classic Order

At first, she respected the Classic Order for the heroes she thought them to be. But when the truth was discovered, it took a long while for her to forgive them.


Nikki found Ivor to be evil at first, but then hilarious and clever when she realized his true motives. Nikki and Ivor aren't seen interacting much, but Ivor usually turns to Nikki when dealing with his crush on Harper.

Gift for theninjakid14 by artistkamie-dbg4gl1

NIkki sitting in a tree, alongside theninjakid14, who is writing up the next MC:SM Rewritten chapter. (art by ArtistKamie)

Towards Zephyr

"He's so cute!"

--Nikki meeting Zephyr for the first time, Book 1

Zephyr is the tiny Ender bat Nikki meets in Episode 1 at EnderCon. He rescues Reuben from Otis the Butcher, and he becomes the Reuben to Nikki's Jesse.

Minecraft storytalepg 21 by annalight2314-db6e741

Nikki as she appears in Minecraft StoryTale. (art by Annalight2314)

Towards The Old Builders

Harper and Otto

Harper was a kinder, more gentle Old Builder than the rest of them. And with Otto sticking to the rules, Nikki didn't find them so bad as she expected them to be.

Hadrian and Mevia

Nikki saw these two elders to be far worse than Harper. When Lukas and Ivor were seemingly killed, she acted very aggressively towards them before Otto explained everything.



--Nikki meeting Phillip for the first time, How to be a Hero

Phillip, although deceased, was very wise and kind to Nikki. She sees him as her mentor, and calls to him in a troubling situation.

Towards the Gladiators

Random jetra comic by kirbyyoukai1514-dbs8yoe

Nikki's appearance in the "Random Jetra Comic." (art by KirbyYoukai1514)


For the record, Nikki did NOT get on Slab's good side. Jesse, however, was able to get to know him better than she did. All in all, they still turned out friends in the end.

Mc st rewritten s2 nikki and radar by michioreo123-dbfez7p

Nikki and Radar's first meeting in MC:SM Rewritten S2, Book 1. (art by Michioreo123)


"'Facemeat?' Wow, your mom must've really hated you,"

--Nikki meeting Facemeat, Book 8

Facemeat was a big guy on the outside, but was as harmless as a baby inside, according to Nikki. This allowed her to befriend the big fella, and they are now on good terms.

Gift for theninjakid14 by artistkamie-dal8gd9

Nikki walking into Jeb's spell book in a vision. (art by ArtistKamie)


"Oh no...Oh, HELL NO! You did NOT just kill my future sister-in-law!"

--Nikki raging at Clutch for killing Petra, Book 8

Both Jesse and Nikki resented Clutch for killing Petra in the Lava Race, but when they became allies, things changed a bit. Nikki still hasn't completely forgiven her for her past deed, which is unlike her, but for now, they're good.

Towards The YouTubers

To be honest, Nikki had a neutral opinion for all these characters, as the writer didn't know too much about their actual personalities.

Happy bday ninja kid by michioreo123-dbg3ux1

Nikki taking a birthday photo with the creator of the series, theninjakid14 aka Jetrashipper. (art by Michioreo123)

Towards the Deviants

The pack of real-life friends she met in Episode 1 acted their age. Nikki found this intriguing, upon being that same age herself.

Towards The Blaze Rods

Nikki s2 art by foreverfairy-dbfda9l

Nikki's S2 redesign. (art by ForeverFairy)


Nikki found it rather easy to make a comeback at any harsh words Aiden threw at her. Like everyone else, she thought of him as a jerk

Maya and Gill

Personally, she feels sorry for them, upon being pushed around by Aiden, not being given a choice. But other than that, Nikki pays no attention to these characters.

There there by michioreo123-damgiar

Nikki and Jesse hugging in "The Vex Bride." (art by Michioreo123)

Towards PAMA

Ironically, Nikki doesn't find PAMA to be so horrible at first. She finds the fact that PAMA openly states how Jesse cares immensely for Petra amusing, and takes it to her advantage. Of course, it was later realized to be a trick to malfunction it so Jesse and Ivor could escape.

Towards Milo and Isa

Nikki doesn't come in contact with these other two either, but believes they make a good couple.

Towards Radar

"I...don't really know. He can be annoying and dumb sometimes, but he still got me out of some tough situations, even though they scared him out of his wits. He's kinda surprising..."

--Nikki telling Jesse about Radar, S2, Book 4

Service jesse and nikki by juanstingtrip-dbpwix6

22-year-old Nikki in the Side Stories, arm-in-arm with her big bro, Jesse. (art by JuanStingtrip)

Oblivious to his crush on her at first, despite what Jesse tells her, Nikki becomes good friends with her brother's assistant. They eventually become partners in crime, attempting to hook up different couples, going on adventures, and being there for each other as a whole. However, this relationship turns out a bit sad, as Nikki doesn't have the time of day she wants to give him. On top of that, upon being a lone wolf, and having a duty as leader

Highschool au radki kiss by michioreo123-dbmvqbw

Nikki and Radar's unofficial "first kiss" in the Highschool AU. (art by Michiorero123)

of Oak Valley, them being a couple is all but inconceivable. However, her acceptation of his feelings isn't untrue, so many Radki fans could be happily surprised.

Mcsm2 nikki and radar request by rr the anonymous-dbknesy

Nikki with Radar after being saved by him in S2, Book 2. (art by Rr-the-Anonymous)

Towards The Admin/Romeo

In the MC:SM Rewritten belief, Notch is the creator of all things. Romeo was a Mojang worker sent down to the Earth with Xara and Fred to help him with the creation, but he went rogue and decided to shape Minecraftia in his own way. Nikki sees him as a faker, and is determined to strike him down.

MV5BNzYxNDAyNzQzOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTY0MzEzMQ@@. V1 UX214 CR0,0,214,317 AL

Jessica Di'Cicco, Nikki's voice actor. (Fanon, of course)

Towards Jack

Nikki appears skeptical about Jack, if not resentful. Since he constantly steals Petra's attention, Nikki sees him as a threat to her plan to get Jesse and Petra together, and shows her harsh feelings for him quite openly.

Towards Nurm

Nurm is a sweet, humble villager to Nikki. Though she can't understand what he says, the two share a commonly normal acquaintanceship.

Towards Vos

There isn't much to say about Vos and Nikki, but she does mention to Jesse that he "acts weird, but is hell-a nicer than Jack ever will be."

Towards Stella

Oddly enough, when Nikki found out Stella loved seeing Jesse and Petra as a couple, she actually got to know her better on a more personal level. She even revealed one of her most important secrets to her before she remembered she needed to get Miss Butter back.

Towards Xara

Like everyone else, she is wary of this "Prisoner X" at first. But once she hears her backstory, Nikki realizes that Xara suffered almost as much as she has.

Towards Brick

This old self-narrator worries Nikki in the slightest, having her worry that he is aware of "the truth" and that he knows how to break the 4th wall.

Towards Rob

Nikki identified him as an artist of his own mind. Though he seemed a bit disturbed and not right in the head, Nikki admired his confidence in his passion of art.

Nikki minecraft story mode rewritten by kirbyyoukai1514-dbrwrah

Nikki's portrait from the White Pumpkin's Mansion. (art by KirbyYoukai1514)

Towards the Warden

The Warden attempted to manipulate Nikki's mind once by appealing to her jealousy over Jesse being in the spotlight, and being second-rate just because she was smaller. Nikki was obviously too smart for him, but she couldn't deny the fact that he was clever in all the wrong ways, as he used Radar to appeal to her softer side.

Towards Oxblood

"Oh, look. Another narrow-minded giant. As if the Great Adventures of Jesse and Nikki didn't have enough of THOSE already,"

--Nikki meeting Oxblood, S2, Book 3

Oxblood showed clear disdain for Nikki when they first met, appealing to her small size and saying she'd never be able to handle prison life because of it, but they determinately made amends later on, if Jesse refused to shear his pet cow. If so, Geoff and Oxblood's relationship reminded Nikki of her own relationship with Zephyr.

Towards Binta

Nikki finds Binta blind to reasoning, as she wouldn't let them into Fred's house without solving the trivia contest, which was, to Nikki, pointless and ridiculous. She also hasn't completely forgiven her for getting stuck with the giant enderman, forcing them to leave Radar behind.

Towards Kent

Nikki found his "faithfulness to Fred" annoying, but she knew he had a title to keep up, wanting to have a name people would turn their heads up upon hearing, kind of like her.


Normal Powers

Nikki is a good with a sword, but is more handy in agility-type fights and hand-to-hand combat. Her personal favorite move is the Warrior Whip.

Command Block Powers

"Alright. If crazy yellow beams start shooting out the windows, fear not! I am simply learning how to use this damn trinket!"

--Nikki attempting to discover the amulet's power, How to be a Hero

Tiny but mighty by ficstory-dbnxvb4

Nikki's 15-year-old appearance in "The Vex Bride" before leaving for the woodland mansion. (art by Ficstory)

Dancing all night nikki by foreverfairy-dbfckih

Nikki's "Dancing all Night" outfit. (art by ForeverFairy)

Amulet Dragon

By the power of the The Command Block Amulet, Nikki can turn herself into a large, golden dragon which can sound a roar than can create a shockwave that either destroys or creates, depending on the dragon's will, levitate blocks with the tattoo on her forehead, and has crazy superstrength. She can also fly, thanks to the wings on her back. Another cool power she bears with the dragon is a sonic "blockboom." If she goes fast

The ender dragon by hvitved-d5ynq3j

Nikki in her command block dragon form. (Tattoo not shown)

enough, then she can break the sound barrier, emanating a large shockwave which wipes out everything within a 50-mile radius.


In her human form, Nikki can summon large pillars of blocks to throw at her enemies.


Nikki also has semi-healing powers. This means that she can heal any stab wound, but no sickness. She can't raise the dead either.

Family picture 3 by artistkamie-dbn1bjm

[*FEATURED PHOTO] The entire family taking a selfie, along with the newest member, a not-yet-ready-to-be-revealed character coming soon! (art by ArtistKamie)

Underground Sense

Nikki can cast "eyes" underneath the surface of the earth to sense any movements so she can track people. It's excellent for long-distance fugitive-tracking.

Minecraft storymode artist and their oc s by dragonfinchz-db790nn

Nikki featuring in an OC portrait, among several others. (art by DragonFinchz)

Nikki chibi form by foreverfairy-dbg024q

Nikki's chibi form. (art by ForeverFairy)


Nikki is very energetic, which can make her a fast mover in battle. Also, she has great word use, which makes her hard to out-diss. Nikki may be small, but being tiny has its uses, such as hiding, or getting out of reach.

Her emotional strength is her compassion. When fueling her powers out of love and not hate, it's easier to control.

Nikki and jesse by venturiantalebuddy-dalm4ea

Ponified Jesse and Nikki hugging in the rain. (art by Venturiantalebuddy)


"You're gonna wish you stayed home in your crib, runt,"

--Aiden taunting Nikki for her height, Book 1

Nikki is impatient as well as energetic, which could make her rush into trouble real quick. Lucky she has Jesse to bail her out, but it's not an easy task. Being small has cons as well, for example, reaching high spots is a problem. She also has claustrophobia: she gets nervous in small spaces and panics when walls start caving in.

Aside from these, Nikki has a weakness which is also compassion. Her soft side is viewed as a perfect hit mark for villains to use against her. (i.e. Romeo using Jesse's form to make it difficult for her to take his powers)

He s probably not gonna survive by artistkamie-dbeq11h

Nikki featuring in the hilarious comic "He's Probably not Gonna Survive." (art by ArtistKamie)


  • The sonic "blockboom," is a reference to Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom in the My Little Pony franchise.
  • Nikki's name was crafted out of Jetrashipper's Deviantart name: theninjakid14, from the word, "ninja."
    • Her original name was originally planned to be Nicole, and Nikki was a nickname. But the nickname was used so much that it was decided to be the fitting name, and Nicole was to be and Old Builder, and previous command block amulet wielder.
    • Her starting age is 14, which was crafted from the "14" in "theninjakid14."
  • Nikki's character was based off of Shipper's real-life older sibling, someone they look up to and wish to be like.
  • Jesse's brother-sister relationship with Nikki is also a real-life relationship Shipper has with another older sibling.
  • The saying on Nikki's shirt, "Tiny but Mighty," is a movie quote from Disney's "Beverly Hills Chihuahua."
  • It is revealed in "The Vex Bride" that Nikki's birthday is Oct. 15th, which is interesting, because this is also the same day when she was first created by Shipper.
    • On a side note, it was coincidental, for Nikki also happened to be turning 15.
  • Most of Nikki's art comes from Shipper's friend on Deviantart, Michioreo123. (Awesome MC:SM artist, by the way)
  • Nikki has a part-time job as Shipper's co-host on the Ask or Dare show on the MC:SM Wiki.
  • Nikki roleplays her own version of levelheaded, cool skeleton Sans in Minecraft StoryTale.
  • According to Shipper, Nikki's ideal voice actor, if she was a real character in Minecraft Story Mode, would be Jessica Di'Cicco.
    • Nikki's fill-in fanon voice actor is Elizabeth Maxwell.
    • This fill-in also voices the same Nikki from the web series "Camp Camp," by Rooster Teeth.
  • Upon being first mentioned and hinted in the MC:SM Rewritten S2 sneak peeks on dA, many people now ship Radki (Radar x Nikki). Shipper too has now decided that they ship Radki, but it is yet to be decided whether it will be made fanon or not.