(WARNING: The following content contains heavy topics such as death, self-harm, psychological trauma, mild cursing and implied fornicate. Viewer discretion is advised).

Never is a chapter story set at Jesse's point of view (P.O.V) two years before the events of Season 2, focusing on herself and her intern Radar as they struggle to help Hadrian and Mevia after a devastating forest fire


After a devastating fire rages through the forest nearby Beacon Town, Jesse and Petra discover Hadrian and Mevia in crucial condition in the fire's wake. The two go into Jesse and Radar's care, kicking off the story. After Hadrian wakes up, it's revealed he and Mevia's intentions were to stalk and kill Jesse as revenge, however Hadrian never wanted to commit to this, leading to him to have a fight with Mevia before they were caught in the fire. Early in the story, it's established that Hadrian will not survive as his injuries are crucial, leading Jesse to want to help him as much as she can before his passing day. Jesse not only helps Hadrian but also be-friends him before he passes on, prompting her to want to help out his loved ones as much as possible, leading her to support Mevia when she falls into grief and depression after Hadrian's passing

Never is one of Poke's more mature stories with many emotional moments, psychological trauma, death and implied fornicate and is driven purely by these moments. As the story is strictly set at Jesse's P.O.V (Excluding the few moments it shifts to Hadrian's P.O.V), the reader immediately connects with Jesse and her feelings with the situation at hand, pulling them into the conflict and inflicting them with a slew of emotions which change drastically over the course of the story. With the story set at her P.O.V, it allowed Poke to go more in-depth than a standard third person P.O.V story would allow her to do so. The most common response Poke received was how emotional the story was and how bad the readers felt for certain characters, enlightening some of their opinions on certain characters or making them outright love them, which is a skill Poke is known to possess

Despite how dark the story got, Poke still incorporated the usual pop culture references, Japanese culture and even some humour, with Radar being the light comic relief of the story with his stammering and 'adorkableness' as fans say, along with the story eventually reaching it's happy and satisfying ending. Even with this happy ending, the main conflict and event of the story has a long-lasting impact on all characters and readers to some extent, making it one of Poke's more memorable stories


There are exactly twelve chapters (Excluding the Prologue and Epilogue). All chapters were posted on and will soon be posted onto Poke's Wattpad account also

(WARNING: The following content contains heavy topics such as death, self-harm, psychological trauma, mild cursing and implied fornicate. Viewer discretion is advised).


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There are no direct choices and/or alternate endings present in Never, however the story was set at Jesse's P.O.V for the entirety of the story (Excluding some parts at Hadrian's P.O.V), possibly alluding to this style of story-telling used in Minecraft Story Mode itself



  • Jesse
  • Radar
  • Hadrian
  • Mevia


  • Lukas
  • Olivia
  • Axel
  • Petra
  • Otto
  • Harper
  • Ivor
  • Harmony (Chapter Twelve and Epilogue only)
  • Cassie (Frequently mentioned)


  • I never thought we would ever see these two once more, but the world had other ideas, for our paths had crossed once more, but in a horrendous way… - Jesse in Chapter One
  • “Sorry Jesse, but we’re not helping those freaks. Look, you can help them if you want, but it’s not our fault if you get backstabbed. And if you get killed, shrug it off. Later” - Petra in Chapter One
  • Why…? Why did she never help me? Why did she only follow when I was internally suffering? Why did she let me do what I did? Why did she let this all commence? And why does she think I want to continue this insanity?! - Hadrian in Chapter Two, pondering why Mevia never helped him through his struggles
  • “You are not sorry mister! You and your buddy escaped your imprisonment and made it to this world just to attack me? Kill me?! And what were you going to do next, harm everyone else? Lukas, Petra, Axel, Olivia, Radar, Ivor and even Harper?! Here I thought that maybe, just maybe you were here for another reason, possibly lost or that maybe you had turned over a new leaf, but no! You crumbled it up in your own hand and let fly away with the wind you sick bastard! First The Games, now this! What is wrong with you, you… You…!” - Jesse in Chapter Three, furious with Hadrian after hearing his story
  • “No, it’s fine Jesse… You have every right to feel that way and every right to tell me so. I did hurt you beforehand and Mevia and I were going to hurt you again. You have every right to be mad with us, especially since you were kind enough to take us in and help us recover, despite what we were planning to do… I’m sorry Jesse, I shouldn’t have told you- No… I’m sorry I even came to this world to harm you. I’m sorry I escaped. I should’ve just stayed in that world you had banished up to…” - Hadrian in Chapter Three, attempting to apologise to Jesse
  • I froze as I heard the doctor speak that last sentence. I heard a clink on the ground as Radar dropped his pen, shocked from the information we were just given. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it… He was going to die. Hadrian was going to die… - Jesse in Chapter Four after hearing Hadrian will pass on from his injuries
  • …Did Mevia like killing people? Did she want what Cassie wanted, for Competitors to never re-spawn? Is that why she’s so willing to commit murder?! - Hadrian in Chapter Five, pondering on Mevia's motivations
  • “‘I will stay loyal and loving to you, no matter the path you take and no matter if darkness shrouds it all or if heavens light guides your way’” - Mevia in Chapter Five, recounting a line from her wedding vowels to Hadrian
  • “No, it’s not Jesse… I appreciate your efforts to comfort me, but you have to face reality; it’s not OK, not at all! I’m literally weeks away from leaving this world without a trace, without a positive mark left anywhere, without… Saying sorry to all I hurt, without saying goodbye... Without showing them... Who I really am...” - Hadrian in Chapter Six, sobbing over the fact he'll die without leaving a positive influence on the world
  • “It’s NOT OK! I’m supposed to help others, not hurt them! That’s what a true hero would do! But instead of helping you, I… I-I just banished you and your wife! I-I could’ve helped you! A-And now look where you are; on your own death bed, because of ME! I… I basically KILLED you! I couldn’t save you!” - Jesse in Chapter Six after realising how much her past actions hurt Hadrian and Mevia
  • “Jesse, you can’t save everyone, but without you, none would be saved at all, your mere presence saves lives. I understand this is a lot to swallow, but you’re still young, still learning, and this one lesson you need to learn, because you’re a hero, a true hero, and true heroes likes you save lives. Maybe not all, but not all can be saved. As long as you try your best to save those around you, you are a true hero” - Hadrian in Chapter Six, bringing the reality to Jesse's attention
  • “- I didn’t mean to argue with her… I-I didn’t want to… I… I just didn’t want to hurt anyone anymore… A-And now…” He let out a sob. “I-I can’t even apologise… I-I’m never going to see her again…” - Hadrian in Chapter Seven, tearfully recounting his argument with Mevia to Harper and Otto
  • “Jesse… You have helped me. You may not… think so, but… If you had not taken me in… I would’ve passed on, with all the guilt I held… You listened to me every day, and never judged me. Despite… my condition, you spoke to me like everything was normal, which is all… I wanted, before I pass on, but not only that, you… You brought my friends… To me… I got to see them again! One. Last. Time… And… You saved… My wife. She may not be awake now, but… I know she will one day… Jesse, you have done so much… for me, for these past weeks, and… I wish I could thank you properly for it…” - Hadrian in Chapter Eight, mere moments before he passes away
  • “Goodnight Hadrian... Until we meet once more…” - Jesse in Chapter Eight, sending Hadrian off into his eternal slumber
  • “That’s so mean! Even if someone from my family had done something horrible in their past, I would still come to their funeral, because… We all do something bad in our lives, some more extreme than others, but that doesn’t always define who we are…” - Jesse in Chapter Ten, defending Hadrian
  • “Forget you I will not Hadrian… I love you…” - Mevia in Chapter Ten after placing down her flowers by his grave
  • “Look, we all know you’re suffering from depression. I… I had a friend who was also suffering the same thing, but I never visited them or comforted them… A few months before the forest fire, I heard he tried to... I don’t want you to do that… You have a lot of people who care about you Mevia. I know it’s hard when you lose someone you loved dearly, or when you mess up severely, but you have to remember others care about you, no matter what happens” - Jesse in Chapter Eleven, telling Mevia that she and her friends care for her
  • “Well… That just shows you that Hadrian never left you. That he lives within Harmony, within you, as long as you never forget who he truly was. Harmony shows you that… He’s still around, in your memories, and your heart” - Jesse in Chapter Twelve consoling Mevia
  • To think, this all started with a horrific fire incident, one we all despise to this day, and yet, we still have it to thank for the friendships and relationships forged today. We all missed Hadrian dearly and his passing was one thing I wished we could change, but unfortunately, life wasn’t always fair; life and death don’t work hand in hand. These will occur in life, but that doesn’t mean we should stop our own. Instead, we can only continue our own in honour for the one who passed on, and live life to the fullest. Times will get tough and bitter; but they only make the good memories like today even sweeter - Jesse in the Epilogue

Thoughts on the Story

"I was ready and raring to write Never after the immense positive feedback I had received on The Depressing Hour, hoping to write another memorable and enjoyable story for my watchers; Once again, I succeeded and even gained some new watchers! I was nervous to release Never, wondering once again if people would mind the dark and heavy topics incorporated into the story, and while the implied fornicate did disturb some once it came to their attention, most enjoyed the story and were moved with every chapter, whether they were crying over Hadrian's death, or squealing over Harmony's cuteness. I've become more confident in writing and posting stories to the public with all the positive feedback from my watchers and friends, and I even inspired some to draw or write about these characters in their own ways! It makes me so happy to know I'm impacting these people's lives, influencing them in some way, which is all I wanted; to help others in any way possible. While I am planning to take a short break from writing more of The Forgotten Tales, I can't wait to leap into my next project soon and produce another moving and memorable story,"

- Berry-O-Pokemon/Pokemaster555, author of Never

"A truly invigorating tale. One that will remain in the hearts of the lucky MC:SM fans who read it forever."



  • Never is the first chapter story Poke has written entirely at a first person perspective (Jesse and Hadrian's)
  • Never was inspired by multiple games, with the first half being heavily inspired by Deemo and partially Life Is Strange, the second half more leaning to The Park
  • Never was once again based off a role-play Poke had done with her friend mariosonicfan16, however only some core elements from the role-play made it into the story, most notably the fire incident and The Order finding Hadrian and Mevia injured
  • Never was originally going to be at a third person P.O.V and stay true to the role-play more, however Poke scrapped this very early on
  • After scrapping the first idea, Poke was going to have the story at Mevia's P.O.V even when she was in her coma, however Poke felt she was parodying Deemo too much at that point, and eventually scrapped the idea
  • With the release of Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 and Radar quickly becoming a favourite among fans, including Poke, Poke wanted to incorporate Radar in the story somehow to not only work on his character, but also show when the story takes place, thus Poke decided the story would be at Jesse's P.O.V to incorporate all the points she wanted into the story
  • The title 'Never' was a place-holder name until the final product, however Poke became attached to the name and thus used it for the final product
  • In Never's early development, when it was supposed to be at a third person P.O.V, Hadrian and Mevia were going to receive a pet wolf and/or Ocelot by the name of Kari (A reference to Mevia's VA), though with the initial idea scrapped, Poke wanted to reference this beta idea, and thus gave Harmony an Ocelot onesie as a little wink and a nod to the old idea
  • Petra was originally going to play a larger role in the story, however Poke found it out of character for her to help Jesse with Hadrian and Mevia, and thus the idea was scrapped
  • Poke incorporated a lot of Japanese culture into Never, more than any of her stories in the past
  • On the cover page, Hadrian and Mevia have a red string attached to their wedding rings, which has snapped. This is a direct reference to both the song Patchwork Staccato and the Japanese belief on the red string of fate, where their is an invisible tie bounding two people destined to be together, and that no matter what, the string will never frail
  • It's possible the red string was more leaning to reference the song than the actual belief as the string has snapped on the cover page
  • Hadrian's entire funeral was based on the type of funeral traditionally held in Japan, with the incense, candles and flowers left by Hadrian's bed, the candle light and flower laying at the funeral, and Mevia's named carved in red under Hadrian's name all being apart of the service
  • The flowers all characters placed are also a reference to the Japanese form of language of flowers, called Hanakotoba
  • Axel and Petra's flowers were white Chrysanthemum's, meaning truth, to represent they know the truth about Hadrian and who he was. They lay these flowers in respect for who he really is, not the person they met at The Games
  • Mevia's flowers were Forget-Me-Not's, meaning True Love, to represent their love and a little pun in a way when she says quietly 'Forget you I will not...'
  • Harper and Otto's flowers were white and pink Roses, white meaning Innocence, silence and devotion, and pink meaning trust, happiness and confidence. The white represents what they see in Hadrian, and pink represents what Hadrian gifted them with
  • Radar's flowers were Pansies, meaning thoughtful and caring, both of what Radar saw in Hadrian when he was alive. Radar may have heard the story on what he did, but never let this sway his judgements on Hadrian
  • Olivia's flowers were Bluebell's, meaning grateful, to represent that despite their rough start and never really getting to know him, Olivia was grateful to have met him and wishes him a good afterlife
  • Lukas' flowers were Sweet Pea's, simply meaning goodbye, representing that despite not liking what he did, he still wishes him farewell into the afterlife
  • Ivor flower's were Daffodil's, meaning respect, representing that despite not getting to know who Hadrian really was, Ivor respects everything Hadrian did for the world, both good and bad, as even a bad event can lead to a good ending, referencing Ivor's bad doing's in the past and the outcome of it all
  • Jesse's flower's were Anemone's and Aster Tataricus, both with similar meanings. Anemone means sincereness (heartfelt, faithful etc.) representing after the time Jesse connected with Hadrian, she felt that she knew the kind, real side of him, and she won’t forget that about him. Aster Tataricus means remembrance, simply representing that she won't forget Hadrian, but not the time at the games, but rather the time that they were connected and became friends, how she looked after him for the rest of his days, and that she will remember to look after Mevia and all those who cared about him
  • The flowers placed by Hadrian's bed were white lilies, which are common flowers laid to respect the ones who have passes away
  • Another minor culture reference comes from Radar as he bows politely to the Order, something used in everyday Japanese conversations. If one does not bow, they are considered very disrespectful
  • Along with the culture references, Poke also referenced The Depressing Hour numerous times (More specifically Aiden's behaviour in the story) as Never is placed a few months after it's initial events
  • The song Jesse sang for Hadrian in Chapter Eight is a lullaby version of Lavender Town's beat from Pokemon R/B/G/Y and came to her attention through a deviant named AishaTheBunny
  • The idea for Jesse to sing Hadrian 'to sleep' came from mariosonicfan16
  • Harmony was originally going to be named Haven (Which ironically is Hadrian's genderbent name), however was changed to Harmony to represent the Harmony now existing between Jesse and Mevia
  • The Prologue - Chapter Eleven occurs before the events of Season 2
  • Chapter Twelve occurs on the same day as the first episode of Season 2, with Radar alluding to Founding Day preparations and Olivia, Axel and Lukas all coming over to hear Lukas' novel, all of which happen in the first moments of Season 2
  • The Epilogue takes place eight years after Season 2, with the admin defeated and Jesse now married to Lukas with a baby daughter (Alice), Radar now Jesse's secretary and engaged to a mystery widow and Mevia now out of her depression with Harmony now eight years old
  • In the Epilogue, many questioned Poke on just who Radar would soon be married to. Poke responded that she wants to wait until the entirety of Season 2 to come out before she makes a decision. If someone desirable does not appear and she cannot come up with a desirable OC for him, she'll keep the widow a mystery
  • Poke took the 'mystery widow' idea from Fire Emblem Awakening, where if Chrom (The main character) doesn't marry one of the four bachelorettes, he marries a mystery widow
  • It is entirely possible that Radar has married Nikki from Jetrashipper's series MC:SM Rewritten as both authors have been talking about this possibility in public, however it has not been confirmed just yet
  • The reason Poke made the little detail of Radar now engaged to someone was to show how everyone has matured and grown and that everyone eventually moved on with their lives after Hadrian's passing
  • Poke aimed for this story to be more emotionally driven unlike The Depressing Hour which was both driven by the emotion and the action incorporated into the story. She aimed to make Never more toned down and more slow-paced, making it shorter than The Depressing Hour
  • Poke tried to make Jesse and Hadrian's bond more like father-daughter or even grandfather-daughter as Hadrian's passing was based on her grandmother's passing, who passed away the day before Episode 8's release
  • The gift Hadrian was supposed to give to Jesse was a charm bracelet he received from his parents to mirror the gift Poke received from her grandmother, however Poke forgot to add this into the story and has confirmed she will add this in a short story later on
  • Another part cut out of the final product was that Jesse was supposed to help Hadrian write a letter to Mevia for her to read once she woke up. Poke changed this to a voice recording instead, however scrapped it for an unknown reason