"But the end of one story is the beginning of the next."

-Lex to the audience.

Minecraft story mode: the next generation is the sequel of Minecraft story mode.

Game description

Long ago,there was a huge problem,it has been solved,but after the new order of the stone went missing,nothing bad seemed to of Happened,untill lex's fourteenth birthday. Meet new never-seen-before heroes,new enemies, and dangerous neutrals.will you help lex find her/his past? And will lex's gang achieve supernatural glory and fame? It's up to you to find out.


  • The Beginning
  • Friends Again
  • Up In Flames
  • Moment to Shine
  • A New Dawn
  • Time of Realm-Hopping
  • So Close
  • Wrath of Dark Heart: Part 1
  • Wrath of Dark Heart: Part 2


  • Kyle rideout as lex(male)
  • tara strong as lex(female)
  • china anne McClain as Linda
  • Vincent tong as brad
  • chris Pratt as Tomas
  • dove Cameron as pearl
  • kate McKinnon as Lauren
  • mark achson as Ryan knightmare
  • Jim Byrnes as Xzavier
  • patton oswalt as jesse(male)
  • Catherine taber as jesse(female)