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Nick is one of the major protagonists of "MC:SM Rewritten Side Stories." He is the son of Jesse and Petra, and the nephew of Nikki. He plays the safe kid in silly situations, but is brave and carefree in a big problem. He believes in the right thing and is never afraid to stand up for himself or others. What's more, his size doesn't waver his courage one bit. read more...
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Jetrashipper - is a secretive, yet friendly Wikier on the page. They enjoy writing the Rewritten series on their Deviantart page, or posting Ask or Dare show episodes on the official MC:SM Wiki. But, when not doing either of these things, Shipper likes to listen to music on a walk or have fun with their Gaming Club. Fanfiction-wise, Shipper likes Jetra fanfics and one-shots, but has a love-hate relation with Jetra lemons..
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