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Welcome, fans of Minecraft Story Mode! As we all agree, the game is a wonderful game, and one of TellTale's best scores. However, not everything we want to see is seen in-game. So, how do we make it so? Easy: we use the power of the Fanon works! From OCs to AUs and everything in between, the Minecraft Story Mode Fan Fiction Wiki is the place to go! Want to make your own self-insert? Done! Thinking of what ships you wish to see in canon? No better place! Want to compare and contrast to other fan works to your friends around you? No problem! If you have any questions, be sure to contact our top Admins and Staffs,

The Hate of Petra, Johnperea020 and Jetrashipper!

Fan on to make it Fanon! :)

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Nikki is one of the main protagonists of the MC:SM Rewritten. She is Jesse's younger sister. Nikki is a short 14-year-old (later 15-year-old, and eventually 20-year-old) girl with long chestnut brown hair in a ponytail, similar to Jesse's, and has tanned white skin. Her eyes are emerald green like his as well. She usually wears a gray hoodie and faded jeggings with a gray shirt with white letters that read "Tiny but Mighty." Read More...
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