Minecraft Story Mode: The Story of Survival is one of the fan fiction works in this wiki. It is also one of the fan-fiction works of Johnperea020.


New Beginnings Pass

  • This pass is about the start of survival adventures of Steven/Alex.


Survival Mode Pass

  • This pass is about the "survival days" on the island and also tells about the story some survivors.


Lost and Search Pass

  • This pass tells about the lost and search operation of the plane crash and also finding the survivors of the crash.






  • Steven and Alex are strongly referenced two default Minecraft players, Steve and Alex, also the player's choice for the series.
  • The "Survival Mode" Pass referenced to Survival Mode, one of the game modes in Minecraft.
  • Josh, Bob, and Valorad made an appearance in this series.
    • Also, they are some characters who appeared at least two series.
  • The start of the series happened during the moments of "An Unfriendly Welcome".
  • There are some episodes in this series that have some references in Minecraft Story Mode.
    • Also, In "An Epic Journey", some characters of the game appeared in the episode.

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