This page lists all the characters in Minecraft Story Mode: The Final Showdown.


  • Green Or A is used for characters who have been confirmed to be alive.
  • Red Or D is for characters who have been confirmed to be deceased.
  • Navy Or U is for characters who were last seen alive, but who's current status is unconfirmed.
  • Pink Or F is for characters who's fates are determinant.


Jesses Gang

  • A: Jesse
  • A: Olivia
  • A: Axel
  • A: Petra
  • A: Lukas
  • A: Ivor

Legendary YouTubers

  • A: Stampy Cat
  • A: Stacy Plays
  • A: DanTDM
  • A: LdShadowLady
  • F: Markipler
  • F: Jacksepticeye
  • A: Pewdiepie


  • U: Harper

Jesses Home Town

  • A: Confused Citizen
  • D: Injured Citizen

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