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Minecraft Story Mode: Friendships Across Worlds is a story about two stories in Minecraft Story Mode Fan Fiction Wiki that collided and combined to create their stories together as one.


Two AUs of Minecraft Story Mode, two different worlds apart from the original, both of natural brilliance. What would happen if they met and joined forces against the same evil, newer and darker than any other enemy either has faced? It all started when Nikki, Jesse, and Petra went tracking after some rogue spies in the Rewritten AU, when a dark smoke cloud suffocates them and blacks all three out! Meanwhile, in the Series AU, Josh, Lachlan, and Valorad are out zombie hunting when the same cloud does as it did to the Rewritten characters. The two groups meet in a world of shadows where Herobrine and his Entity 303 demon (aka the black cloud) reign supreme. Escaping together was only the beginning, as Herobrine swore that they were prisoners of his game, and that he would come looking for them to drag them and their worlds into eternal hell. With no idea of who and what they ran into, and no choice but to work together, Nikki, Josh, and everybody else are thrown onto the nutso adventure that nobody would've guessed to see before. Join the characters from "MC:SM Rewritten," as well as the ones from "Minecraft Story Mode: The Series," as they journey through each other' s worlds to save the day, and the whole Minecraft universe as they know it. 


Main Characters

Jesse's Gang

  • Jesse
  • Nikki
  • Petra
  • Lukas
  • Jenny (F! Jesse)
  • Olivia
  • Axel
  • Ivor
  • Radar
  • Zephyr

Josh's Gang


Other Characters

  • Gabriel the Warrior
  • Magnus the Rogue
  • Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer
  • Soren the Architect
  • Ivor
  • Harper
  • Jack
  • Nurm
  • Stella
  • Lluna
  • Will
  • Bryan
  • Red

About the Authors

Jetrashipper - Shipper is a secretive, yet friendly Wikier on the page. They enjoy writing the Rewritten series on their Deviantart page, or posting Ask or Dare show episodes on the official MC:SM Wiki. But, when not doing either of these things, Shipper likes to listen to music on a walk or have fun with their Gaming Club. Fanfiction-wise, Shipper likes Jetra fanfics and one-shots, but has a love-hate relation with Jetra lemons.

Johnperea020 - John, at first is a shy person in the Wiki, but when time passes by, John successfully have two series and become friendly in this wiki. Also, currently, he writes the first part of this "Special Series".


  • The crossover isn't an actual part of either of the series, but is viewed as a special episode for both.