Markiplier is a character that appeared in Minecraft: Story Mode: The Final Showdown. He is voiced by Mark Fischback



Mark Got A Shirt Whit A M On And Black Hair That May Change To Pink, He Wears Blue Jeans And Black Shoes. He Also Wears Headset.


Markiplier is portrayed to be a nervous and loud individual. He seems to be friendly and willing to help others, but he sometimes lies when under pressure. He was also portrayed to be a prankster and an expert builder, having won the 'Mega Builder' Competition 4 times in a row.

Death (Determinant)

Killed By

  • Wisard Tomp (Determinant)
  • Zombies (Dererminant)

If The Player Desides To Save Jacksepticeye Instead Of Mark, Mark Is The Victim, However, Its 1 More Choice That Tells How He Is Killed. When The Wisard Tomp Casts A Spell Against Mark Held In Hostage By Zombies, If The Player Desides To Run To Tomp To Stop The Spell, The Spell Will Hit Mark In Wich He Dies. If The Player Runs To Push Him Over. He Will Fall, But Then Get Strangled By One Of The Zombies

The Only Way To Save Him Is To Save Him Instead Of Jacksepticeye


I May Be A Dumb Guy, But I Know That HE Is Baaad News! -Mark About Tomp

Where Is The World Going? -Mark


  • Diamond
  • Pink Mustach


  • Markiplier Is A Member Of The YouTube Community And Got Over 12,000,000 Subscribers