"This Series is a Fan fiction, and not the real one, be careful!"

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Minecraft Story Mode: Season 3 is one of the fan fiction works in this wiki. It is also one of the fan-fiction series of Johnperea020.


Season Pass

After defeating the Admin, the adventures are not over for Jesse and his gang. Someone in the darkness has escaped, wanting revenge for what Jesse did to him once before. Join Jesse and his gang once again for another epic adventure where their friendships will be tested.

Adventure Pass

Jesse and the gang defeated one of their dangerous enemies, and the adventures is not over. More decisions will be told as Jesse and the gang had their final adventures in the series. Once more, friendships will be tested in the final three episodes.

Bonus Edition (Non-Canon)

Jesse and the gang defeated the dangers once and for all, and this episode will tell about Jesse and Nikki's fate in the bonus episodes in the series. (Note: The episodes included in this pass are not included in the canon series.)


Season Pass

Adventure Pass

Bonus Edition (Non-Canon)



  • Jesse
  • Lukas
  • Petra
  • Radar
  • Jack
  • Nurm
  • Stella (minor appearance)
  • Lluna (minor appearance)
  • Nell (minor appearance)
  • Reuben (minor appearance; non-canon)
  • Hadrian (non-canon; hallucination)
  • Mevia (non-canon)
  • Otto (non-canon)
  • Ivor (non-canon)
  • Harper (non-canon)
  • The New Ocelots (minor appearance)
  • Sean
  • Nikki
  • John
  • Herobrine
  • "The Ninja"
  • Jeff (minor appearance)
  • Josh (minor appearance)
  • Jake (minor appearance)
  • Sam (a.k.a Danger)
  • Gatteline (non-canon)
  • Myles (non-canon)
  • Will (non-canon)
  • "White Pumpkin" #1 (a.k.a. Cassie Rose)
  • "White Pumpkin" #2 (a.k.a Jeffrey)


  • Minecraft Story Mode: Season 1's "A Portal to Mystery" shares the same title as Episode 4 of MCSM: Season 3.
  • Nikki of the Rewritten Universe, has a special role in MCSM: Season 3.
  • MCSM: Season 3 is the first chronological series in John's series.
  • This is one of the series where the writers in this wiki are included in the series.


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