Lukas is the builder of the New Order of the Stone.



In his Everyday form, Lukas wears a purple-and-white shirt, leather jacket, jeans, and brown
TLPYL Lukas Scared

Lukas' Everyday form

shoes. He has blond hair and blue eyes.


In his Powered form, Lukas wears orange and gray armor, goggles, gray gloves, and gray boots.

Lukas' Powered form


Lukas is loyal and kind, often concerned about the safety of others. He is usually the peacemaker of the group, trying to break up arguments. However, Lukas hasn't failed to get into the occasional fight himself - fighting mobs not included.


  • Enhanced Vision: Using his goggles, Lukas can see farther and through things.
  • Speed Build: Lukas builds a wall or something to defend himself.
  • Rage: On occasions when Lukas is truly angry, his power is increased by 50%.


  • Nice Guy(Even before Withergeddon, he was the only member of the Ocelots who was nice to Jesse and friends.)
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold(A slightly rare male version.)
  • Innocent Blue Eyes(Mmm... Maybe. He did try to kill his future girlfriend while under the influence of an evil computer, to be fair.)
  • Beware The Nice Ones(One of the moves is literally named Rage.)


  • Lukas is ailurophobic (scared of cats).