Jesse is the leader of the New Order of the Stone.



In her Everyday form, Jesse wears a white T-
Mcsm ep6 fjesse running through zombie

Jesse in her Powered form

shirt with a red neckline and sleeves, blue denim overalls,
SM Jesse

Jesse in her Everyday form

a yellow hair clip, and brown shoes. She has short-ish black hair, green eyes, and fair skin.


In her Powered form, Jesse wears purple armor with a pink spot on her chest and purple gloves and boots. Her hair is much longer, and she keeps her hair clip.


Jesse is very loyal to her friends. She is usually cheerful and optimistic, but this is often dampered if Reuben is mentioned. Jesse cares very deeply for her friends and Ivor.


  • Ruin Song: Jesse screeches loudly to temporarily deafen the opponent.
  • Circle Strafe: Jesse flies around the opponent to make them dizzy.
  • Protection: Jesse creates a force field around herself and anyone within a certain radius.


  • Jesse is a strict vegetarian.

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