Jeff (a.k.a. "The Killer") is the major antagonist of Minecraft Story Mode: The Series. He also appeared in MCSM: Season 3.


"He want all treasures and he desires to rule the world"
Valorad to Jessie

Mentioned by Valorad before the ending of Episode One, he was a person who wants to rule the universe by himself, so he created the "Kebab Storm" to rule the universe, kill all people that hates him, and all the treasures he desire.


"My Experiment Number 1: The Perfect Killing Monster"
—The Killer src
"Father, let me finish what you have started..."
—Jeff to his father, Jeffrey

Killed Victims

Death (Determinant)


  • He is strongly referred to "Jeff the Killer".
  • He summoned the Undead Wither in the Nether before he summoned the Kebab Storm.