Janice is a major antagonist in the MC:SM Rewritten Side Stories series. She is the evil mob queen who controls all of Minecraftia's mobs.


Janice is a mixture of all hostile mobs, but she has short raven-black hair and red eyes. To be specific, she has enderman-black (but not too skinny) arms with ender pearls in her palms, skeleton legs, and a spider tiara. She wears a zombie skirt, slime combat boots, and a creeper top.

Her disguised form is that of a human, retaining her eye and hair color, but she has white skin, and wears a creeper green dress. It later becomes enderman black.


Janice is ruthless, ambitious, and purely evil. She is unmoved by the death of her soldiers, as she has the ability to make her own by creating spawn eggs. She hates anyone who tries to do things other than her way, and makes them pay dearly. Janice also isn't that cool with losing.


Towards Nikki

Commander Nikki is Janice's archenemy. She always foils her plans to find a a base to settle in and take over Minecraftia. Despite the fact Nikki spares her in every battle she loses, she feels that it's only to remind her of each defeat she has to endure.

Towards the Orders

Janice resents the Orders of the Stone just as much as she does Nikki. They do nothing but defend their petty city and wall out the rest. Janice promises to seek revenge on every single one of them.

Towards Ivy and the Rogues

Janice hasn't come into much contact with Ivy or her rogues, but she respects their battle tactics, as they hate Nikki like she does.


Janice can shoot a bow like a skeleton, but she has no need for that with all the abilities of the mobs in her power.


Like an enderman can, she can teleport at a certain distance.


The slime combat boots allow Janice to jump impressive heights, making her hard to hit.


Almost like a creeper, Janice can trigger explosions. The only difference is that she doesn't have to detonate herself. She only has to point to where she wants the explosion, and it happens.


She can only do it once at a time, but Janice can hit a person hard enough to knock them off their feet in a melee fight, just like a zombie.


Janice has supernatural powers, which makes her hard to beat. She is also always batte-hungry, which makes her a feared enemy on the battlefield.


Janice is so focused on winning, she doesn't really have any defensive moves, making her easy to hit if she's too immersed in the fight.


  • Janice first appears in "Calling all Crafters."
    • However, she is first mentioned in "An Ally's Face is an Enemy's Mask."