JackSepticEye is a character that appeared in Minecraft: Story Mode: The Final Showdown. He is voiced by Sean McLoughlin



Jacksepticeye Appears Whit A Fan Made Minecraft Skin Becouse His Real Skin Is Unknown. He Wears A Green Shirt Whit A 'Septic Sam' On, And He Wears Black Pants And White Sports Shoes, Like DanTDM, Hes Hair Coulor Change From Brown To Green Depending On Area He Is In.


Jack is portrayed to be a secretive person. However, he is not afraid to give his opinion at times. He is also shown to hold grudges against people who cause his harm.

Death (Determinant)

Killed By

  • Wisard Tomp (Determinant)
  • Zombies (Dererminant)

If The Player Desides To Save Markipler Instead Of Jack, Jack Is The Victim, However, Its 1 More Choice That Tells How He Is Killed. When The Wisard Tomp Casts A Spell Against Jack Held In Hostage By Zombies, If The Player Desides To Run To Tomp To Stop The Spell, The Spell Will Hit Jack In Wich He Dies. If The Player Runs To Push Him Over. He Will Fall, But Then Get Strangled By One Of The Zombies

The Only Way To Save Him Is To Save Him Instead Of Markipler


The Only Thing I Know About This Place Is That I Dont Know Anything About This Place -Jack To Olivia

Jesse!!! -Jack Screaming For Help

What The Fu- I Mean Heck? -Jack When A TNT Explodes In The Dining Hall


  • Green Wool
  • Emerald
  • Emerald Sword
  • Egg


  • Jacksepticeye Is A Member Of The YouTube Community And Got Over 12,000,000 Subs.
  • Jack Never Played Minecraft On His Channel But He Do Play It On His Off Time (Confirmed In A Video)
  • He dropped an Emerald Sword. Its unknown how.