Ivy Rose is the young daughter of Harper and Ivor.


Ivy wears a red version of her mother's outfit, including the shawl. Bits of brown hair can be seen, and her eyes are dark.


Ivy is generally a sensitive girl, bursting into tears if someone hurts her, insults her, etc. She is considered "the little one", and hates being underestimated due to her size. She is also a shy person, taking refuge behind the nearest familiar person around anyone strange to her.



The New Order

Ivy sees the New Order as older siblings, though Jesse is usually responsible for her in Ivor and Harper's absence.

Aodh (Berry-O-Pokemon)

Ivy and Aodh have yet to interact, so TBA


  • Originally, her name was meant to be Ivy, but Luna added Rose for two reasons:
    • A reference to Cassie Rose (a possible Old Builder).
    • A reference to "Access Denied", and Harper's rose.
    • Ivy is also a reference to the slime vendor from Ep. 1, Season 1.
  • Ivy basically looks like a human version of a baby zombie.
  • Ivy has narcoplexy - a portmanteau of Luna's creation. It's supposed to be a mix of narcolepsy and cataplexy.