(WARNING: Spoilers incoming. Do NOT read this article if you can't stand spoilers)

Ivy is a major antagonist in the MC:SM Rewritten Side Stories series. She is the leader of the rogues and Ivor's best friend.


Ivy looks a lot like Ivor, with long black hair and beige clothes, except her outfit doesn't have a cobalt blue belt and her eyes are a faded gray in contrast to his dark black.

After "MC:SM Rewritten," she wore the "Swordbreaker" armor. Upon being Ivor's friend, she had access to his armory when they fought together against Nikki.


Ivy is unforgiving, hard-shelled, and stubborn. She DOES have a soft side, though she only showed it to Ivor in the past when they were young. Back then, she was a bit clumsy, shy, but kindhearted nonetheless. She converted back to that same kindness in "Your Best Frienemy."


Towards Nikki

She questions Nikki's leadership alongside Ivor, and doubts that she should follow her when she's not even an official leader. After Ivor fell into the river in "The Origin of Nikki," she became angry and vengeful, fighting constant battles against her.

Towards Ivor

Ivor was Ivy's best friend. She might have even gained some loving feelings for him. Unfortunately for her, he didn't feel that way towards her. Instead, his heart was set in Harper. Ivy tried to hide her jealousy, but when Ivor rejoined Nikki in the events of "The Return of Ivor," she finally cracked. However, she became her old self again right before her death in "Your Best Frienemy."

Towards the Orders

The Orders were just another bunch of weak soldiers to her. She figured they'd be easy to beat, but they were no walk in the park, as she soon learned in her battles. Once she saw how strong they were, she upped her game intensely, even going so far as to kill Jesse.


Ivy has no supernatural skills, but she fights well with two swords, and knows about potion use in battle, courtesy of Ivor.


Ivy is a manipulator; experience as a merchant at EnderCon helped her out in that area. Her stubbornness is also identified as persistence, and it gets her to the end of a task quickly.


Ivy can be destructive when she loses her temper, and that is harmful to both her and her environment, because it could result harming those she didn't mean to harm out of anger.


  • Ivy's original name, Vira, is similar to Zira's from "The Lion King 2."
    • This is both ironic and important, because when she makes her appearance in "The Origin of Nikki," it is to be remembered that the book is based off of the very same movie.
    • The name was changed because it was confirmed that her real name from the actual MC:SM franchise was Ivy.