Island of Unknown is the third episode in Minecraft Story Mode: The Story of Survival. It is also the third episode in New Beginnings Pass.


After Alex, Mr. Doge, and Terry reached the "Island of Unknown", very far from the "Island of Loneliness", they started their adventures with an explosion from a creeper, they got some gunpowder from the creepers, but the thrill was getting to started, Steven/Alex said that he was happy to fight evil mobs with his friends than to stay in their house in Minecraftia, while they entering the island, Steven/Alex walked with a smile while entering the island. While entering the island, Mr. Doge accidentally pushed a button and there is a fire with arrow dispensers in the back and shoots into the TNT on the other side and exploded. After it exploded, they are in a cave, but they are near to a lava pool.

After leaving the lava pool, the dangers are around them, they saw some blocks, the gangs know it as a parkour, while jumping to the blocks, the lava pool started to go up. they hurried up and saw an exit with minecarts, after they ride the minecarts, the door closed and that doesn't means that they end the trap, they saw blazes following them, after that, they saw some torches and the minecart stopped. They go down to the stairs, hoping that there are no traps, but they are wrong, after they go down to the stairs, they saw arrow dispensers that are activated. After they passed to the dispensers, they saw a cave and Mr. Doge said that they are in a mining cave.

After they passed to the trap, they mined iron ores and they saw a furnace and they smelted their ores, but there was a voice that asking who is inside the cave, Steven/Alex said that they are visitors only, but he spawned an iron golem and they and they go to the owner's house. The man is called Ned, and he told why they are in his mineshaft, so Steven/Alex told the truth, so Ned accepted their visit to his house and his iron golem gone away so, he said that they can only gather five stacks of resources from his' cave and after that, Ned give Steven/Alex three lava buckets and Ned told them to make a "Cobblestone Generator" to gather enough stones.

Steven/Alex tested the cobblestone generator near Ned's house, he tested the cobblestone generator and it worked, Mr. Doge found a something in the cave, so Steven/Alex crafted a lever and put it near to the sot where Mr. Doge saw and they saw a stairway to the deeper part of the cave. After that, they saw lava on the both sides of the bridge, Terry accidentally stepped on a pressure plate and Mr. Doge saw lava on their back and there are some lava dispensers on the top, so they run before they are reached by lava, Terry told the others that they are losing of track until Mr. Doge saw a hole near the lava wall, they jumped to the hole, and Terry is disappointed about those traps. After they dropped from the waterfall, they saw some towers with TNTs in the bottom and a portal made of netherrack and they saw a chest near the portal, they saw a glowing flint and steel and they activated and entered the portal.

Entering the portal, they saw soul sand every where and fire everywhere, Mr. Doge was shocked when he didn't saw their exit portal and they saw seven netherracks and they need five more to make their exit portal. Luckily, they saw four netherracks and they need one to make the exit portal, Mr, Doge have one netherrack from the crash before, and luckily activated the portal and Terry smiled while walking to the portal but they saw some pigmens.

While Mr. Doge's turn to go to the exit portal, but they heard something, a ghast, while leaving the world, Steven/Alex saw a ghast either ignoring it or fight it, the ghast throw a fire charge to him and he exit the portal with an explosion. But instead of going back to the island, they are in another island just near to the crash, Steven/Alex said that they are back in the Island of Loneliness. Terry made an oak wood portal, hoping for another adventure, Mr. Doge laughed because Terry attempted to enter a portal made of oak wood and Steven/Alex tried to lit the portal and it activated, Mr. Doge was speechless and they go to the Oak Portal.




  • Chapter 1: Zombies and Bombs
  • Chapter 2: Faces of Danger
  • Chapter 3: Deep in the Mines
  • Chapter 4: Fire and Water
  • Chapter 5: Fire World!?
  • Chapter 6: A Ghastly Encounter



  • The "Lava Run" and the "The Towers" are referred to the "Lava Race" and the towers used by the gladiators in the "Gladiator Junction" in "A Journey's End".
  • The Netherrack portal is referred to "Fire World" portal.
  • The Glowing Flint and Steel is referred to the same item in Minecraft Story Mode.
  • The Oak Wood Portal is referred to Jesse's "Home Portal".

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