"Kill them, guys! Do NOT let a single one of them live!"
—Hopper, ordering his men to kill Kyle, Grace and Wolfy. 

Hopper is the tertiary antagonist in The Amulet. He is a high-ranking member of Darko's militia, acting as the second-in-command under Craver's orders.


Hopper is 41 years old and is a african-american male. He has a black mustache and a black goatee and dark brown eyes.

He wears a black and red armor, as well a black helmet with a red gem in front of the helmet.


Hopper is shown to be a stern, ruthless and short-tempered man. As the second-in-command of Darko's militia, he is ready to do anything to get his way and accomplish the tasks given to him such as threatening or killing people who stand in his way, as shown when he threatened Kyle to hand over the amulet otherwise he'd have to kill him or when he tried to kill Grace when she came to Kyle's rescue.

Hopper is also shown to be vengeful, as seen when Kyle and Grace were captured and thrown in jail, Hopper warned Grace that he would make her life as miserable as he could since she humiliated him and got him in trouble with Craver by defeating him in battle, or when Grace knocked Hopper away from Kyle allowing the latter to go through the room and catch up with Craver, Hopper became enraged since he will get in trouble for failing to stop Kyle and told Grace that he will give her a painful death.

However, Hopper is also shown to be nervous. For example, when he had to report to Craver that he failed to retrieve the amulet after being defeated by Grace, Hopper fearfully attempted to inform Craver about the situation, stuttering. Another example is when he seems to be fazed by Grace's intimidating death glare, as shown when twice he shoved Kyle forward and threatened Grace in jail.


To Be Added...


  • Hopper resembles Gabriel from Minecraft: Story Mode. Only differences are the color and style of the armor, the beard style and the personality.
    • Hopper and Gabriel are also both warriors.

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